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A Checklist for Shutting Down Your Air Conditioner in the Fall

Fall is coming! You can feel the air starting to cool as summer winds down. As your mind turns to all things pumpkin spice, you will probably notice that you’re not using your air conditioning quite as often. This means it’s time to start thinking about heating season!

Before you switch off the air conditioner for good this fall, make sure you take some time to shut it down properly so that it will be ready to go when the temperatures start to increase again.

How to Properly Shut Down Your Air Conditioner

Turn the Unit Off

You don’t want to have your air conditioning turned on if the weather gets unseasonably warm in the winter! This could allow water to enter the outdoor unit, which could then potentially freeze and damage the air conditioner. Instead of just turning off your cooling system at the thermostat, turn off the actual air conditioner circuit near the outdoor unit. This will ensure that your system stays off until you are ready to use it again and means it is less likely to need any repair work once it is back up and running.

Clean It Well

Next, make sure that the unit is clean. Over the summer, dead leaves, bugs, dust, and even animal droppings can build up on your outdoor unit. Use a hose to wash it off to the best of your ability. Then, trim away any foliage that has grown around the unit. Inspect the unit for any branches or twigs that have gotten lodged into it, and remove these by hand. Before moving on to the next step, allow the air conditioner to dry completely. Any water left behind in the compressor could lead to rust, which could cause your air conditioner to wear out faster! If your AC unit starts to develop problems like this then you’ll want to act quickly by enlisting the help of Aladdin to come and take a look at it so that they can determine the best course of action and return it to its proper condition once more.

Insulate the Air Conditioner

Winters in our part of California can get quite chilly, and you want to ensure nothing freezes inside of your air conditioner. Specifically, you want to take the time to insulate the pipes that run to your unit. Place foam pipe covers around the exposed pipes and secure them with duct tape. This will ensure that the pipes don’t freeze when the temperatures drop.

Cover the Outdoor Unit

Finally, cover your outdoor unit to keep it clean and protected during the off season. Remember that you should never run the air conditioner while the outdoor unit is covered, so only use the cover when you are ready to turn the unit off for the winter. Be sure to remove the cover if we have a hot spell during the winter and you wish to run the air conditioner again.

Covering the unit is simple. Just purchase a properly sized waterproof plastic or vinyl cover, and place it over the unit. Don’t forget to secure the cover with bungee cords so that it will stay in place, even during windy weather. Check the cover once per week to ensure that it is tightly in place. Snow is rare in our area, but if we do get a snow or ice storm, make sure you remove the buildup from your unit. If any leaves or branches fall during the winter, remove these as well. Too much weight on the unit could cause damage.

Call Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating for Help Winterizing Your Air Conditioner

As you can see, this process is fairly simple, but it’s extremely important! If you don’t properly winterize your air conditioner, you could experience problems when you turn it on again in the summer. Shutting down your unit properly will help you get the longest possible lifespan out of your air conditioner.

If you have further questions about how to protect your air conditioner during the heating season, contact the team at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating. Serving Ventura County, the San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita Valley, we are here to ensure your air conditioner gives you the best possible service throughout its lifetime. You can contact us online for more information!

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