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ALADDIN-CLUBWe launched the Aladdin Discount Club to assure our customers in Ventura County, San Fernando Valley, and throughout the SoCal area that all of their air conditioning and heating needs would be met with consistency, reliability, and great savings.

As a member, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits that matter, and matter when it’s most important to you. Of course, getting great HVAC savings on all of your needs is always a great benefit. But that’s not all you’ll receive as an Aladdin Discount Club member!

Keep reading to learn more about the many advantages our Discount Club offers—or contact us to start saving today!


COMPETENT EXPERTS AT YOUR COMMAND – Aladdin Club Membership helps you increase system reliability, but should you need rapid service, the Aladdin Club Members go right to the top of our priority list (ahead of non-members).


AFFORDABLE PRICING – A 20% HVAC discount applies to repairs beyond regularly scheduled maintenance items. A 20% HVAC discount is also applied to filters and other items included in regularly scheduled heating and cooling maintenance.


PEACE OF MIND – We keep your systems running trouble-free and at its peak performance all year long! Regular heating and air conditioning inspections and maintenance ensure that the conditions of your equipment manufacturer’s warranties are met. We worry so you don’t have to!


THE MOST CONVENIENT HOURS – We provide extended Discount Club Membership hours so you can count on us to schedule your maintenance service calls when it’s convenient for YOU.


YOU KNOW US, WE KNOW YOU – So you’ll always know what to expect. Our skilled experts know their business and your equipment. Rely on them and our reputation to give you fast, dependable, and fair service.


ONGOING ENERGY SAVINGS – The results of a study conducted by a California State University show how a service maintenance program can offer significant HVAC savings when it comes to your heating and cooling bills.


STEADY MEMBERSHIP FEES – Your Aladdin Club Membership fee cannot be raised during the effective dates.


INSTALLATION, REPAIRS, MAINTENANCE – Not only will we provide you with great HVAC savings, we’ll also offer you the following:

  • High efficiency pleated filters.
  • Checking refrigerant pressures.
  • Condition of coils and drain pans.
  • Temperature differential across coils.
  • Controls and safety switches.
  • Motor bearings and mounts.
  • Compressor and motor amp draw.
  • Capacitor and starting components.
  • Inspect disconnect switches and fuses.
  • Furnace flue venting safety inspection.
  • Gas valve operation.
  • Lubricate motors as needed.
  • Regular air ducting inspections.
  • Written estimates of recommended repairs.
  • When included as system accessories.
  • Wash Electronic Air Cleaners (Spring & Fall)
  • UVC light bulbs replacement (Spring)
  • Humidifier pads replacement (Fall)

Joining the Aladdin Club Is Easy. Just Call. Really!

Take advantage of INSTANT 20% HVAC savings today! Call your local office to learn more.

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