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Common AC Problems: My AC Is Making Noise!

Your home’s air conditioner is designed to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. When it starts to make weird, loud, and disturbing noises, it’s bound to leave you anything but relaxed. Unusual noises in an AC unit rarely go away on their own and often indicate a problem that needs to be solved. Calling in an HVAC professional can help you quickly identify and fix your noisy AC unit and get back the peace and quiet you crave.

Why Is Your AC Making Strange Noises?

A qualified technician should handle most loud noises from air conditioners. If you’re curious about what’s causing them, though, here are the five most common noises you’re likely to hear.

  1. Banging noises from the outdoor unit typically come from the compressor, the component responsible for circulating refrigerant. Over time, wear and tear on interior parts causes them to loosen and create a loud banging sound.
  2. Buzzing noises near or inside the air handler or outdoors by the unit are generally signs of an electrical problem such as a failing motor, a malfunctioning compressor, loose wiring, a broken capacitor, or arcing.
  3. Clicking sounds when the AC is running are likely the result of a small object stuck in the blower fan. If the clicking occurs when you try to start the system, there might be an electrical issue with the thermostat, compressor, or capacitor.
  4. Hissing sounds often mean there’s a duct leak, bad expansion valve, or an improperly seated air filter. It’s also the sign of a refrigerant leak.
  5. Squealing and screeching noises from the outside unit are typically caused by a faulty fan motor or a bad compressor. If you hear them indoors, it’s likely the blower fan motor.

How to Fix a Noisy Air Conditioner

In some cases, a noisy AC unit is beyond repair. Most of the time, though, your unit should likely be repaired by a trained and qualified HVAC technician who has the skills and expertise needed to get the unit back to good working order. There are some things you can try yourself before calling in a professional. Remember to turn off the equipment before looking inside!

  • Check around the fan for debris on or around the blades and clean it out.
  • Look to see if the blade is loose. If so, you might be able to tighten the screw at the hub.
  • If you have a gas or oil-fired system and hear a rumbling sound, call for service immediately.

The best way to keep your home’s air conditioning system noise-free and running as efficiently as possible is to have it inspected, regularly maintained, and professionally cleaned.

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