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Heating Your Home With a Fireplace vs. Your Home’s Heating System

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for homes to have both a heating system and a fireplace. When temperatures drop, you may wonder whether it’s better to heat your home with the fireplace instead of the heating system. We’ll cover what factors you need to consider and whether a fireplace or central heating is better.

Do Fireplaces Save Money?

Wood fireplaces lose over 75% of their heat to the chimney. The money you spend on firewood results in only a fraction of the heat effect you’re buying. In addition, maintaining the fireplace regularly is necessary in order for it to operate as efficiently as possible. If the damper isn’t properly used, that can increase energy usage by as much as 30%.

Using the Fireplace and the Heating System Together

Many factors come into play when determining whether using a fireplace together with a central heating system saves you money:

  • Ductwork
  • Thermostat
  • Gas or electric heating system
  • Gas or wood fireplace
  • Heat pump or furnace

Central heating tends to be the better choice due to its efficiency and ability to distribute heat throughout your entire home. When using a wood fireplace, there are plenty of reasons to use it in tandem with your central heating system.

The Effect on Energy Usage

If you opt to shut down your central heating system when using your fireplace, you’ll eventually want to turn it back on when it’s bedtime or if you need to leave the house for a while. By that time, many rooms will have cooled down significantly. This means your heating system will have to work that much harder to bring the temperature back to its thermostat setting, leading to a spike in energy consumption and unusual strain on the system.

Heat Output

If you have central heating, it’s not a good idea to use the fireplace as the main source of heat in your home. Central heating systems have a higher heat output since fireplaces lose so much of their heat. Fireplaces only increase the temperature in the surrounding area by 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, while central systems can maintain the temperature at a significantly higher level than outside air.

Safety Concerns

Don’t leave an active fireplace unattended. Ash, smoke, sparks, embers, and carbon dioxide are all possible side effects and should be managed as the fireplace is being used.

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