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Why Is Your Furnace Leaking?

Problems with your furnace system aren’t exactly unheard of here in Ventura County. We need access to reliable heating to stave off the winter winds, and when you use a system frequently enough, you’re bound to encounter a problem eventually. But what if your problem is strange? Have you ever had trouble with your furnace leaking? If so, you might be somewhat surprised!

Before you stress, know that the issue is a simple one, and a quick and easy fix for the certified HVAC repair team at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating! But what causes a leaky furnace? Let’s talk about the possibilities.

It Depends on Your Furnace

There are two types of furnace systems when we’re talking about leaks and moisture buildup. There are traditional furnace systems, and there are HE (high-efficiency) furnaces. For the latter, a leak isn’t particularly unusual, but for a standard electric or gas furnace, leaks are a rarity.

Leaking in a Standard Furnace System

This isn’t something you’ll see every day, and more often than not, the leak is actually do to something other than the actual furnace. Standard furnace leak causes include:

  • Excess moisture from a humidifier system. The first and most likely cause comes if you utilize a whole-home humidifier in conjunction with your furnace. These systems are often installed within your ducts, and if they begin to malfunction, they may send water through your furnace system, simulating a furnace leak.
  • Issues with your flue pipe. If you use a gas or oil furnace equipped with a flue exhaust, it is possible that your flue is incorrectly sized, or needs service. These problems can sometimes result in condensation accumulation, which of course will eventually product standing water.
  • Air conditioner condensate clogs. If your heating and cooling systems are tied together and the AC happens to still be running, it may have a condensate clog, and the moisture it normally rids itself of could be backing up into your furnace system.

Leaking in High Efficiency Furnaces

This is a much more common issue than the one above, but it still requires immediate furnace repair service. The problem comes because HE systems use a dual heat exchanger system to more efficiently utilize fuel sources. Heat moves from one exchanger to the other, which gives the air the opportunity to cool, sometimes resulting in the formation of condensation.

This usually only happens when an exchanger, often the secondary, is damaged. You’ll need a repair professional to remedy the problem, because that condensation will turn into a full-fledged pool before too long!

Furnace Repair Services with Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating

If the furnace in your Montgomery County home has started to leak, or has produced standing water, you can trust our team to provide the service you deserve! With our industry-leading diagnostics and knowledge on your side, you’ll soon be back to normalcy. Contact us online today to schedule your appointment!

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