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How To Fix Uneven Cooling in a Two-Story Home

If you have a two-story home, it’s not uncommon to have noticeable temperature differences between the floors. Uneven heating and cooling can pose a real problem and compromise your family’s comfort. So, how can you address uneven cooling in your home?

Add More Insulation to Your Attic

Insulation’s primary function is to block heat flow. If your home has insufficient insulation, the heat flow is more pronounced. By adding more insulation, you can block more heat from entering in the summer and keep more heat in your home during the winter. This should help equalize the temperatures between your first and second story.

Schedule an Air Duct Inspection

An air duct inspection will reveal any issues within your duct system. If you have leaky air ducts, you could be losing up to 30% of the cooled air in your home. Professional inspections and proper duct sealing can prevent this loss of air, keep your home more comfortable, and lower your heating and cooling bills. Your technician will let you know if there are any prominent issues with your ducts and get to work repairing them.

Zone Your System

Unfortunately, a central air system in a two-story home can be a bit finicky. This is because the thermostat is only sensing the temperatures on the floor that it’s located on.

A zoned system allows your home to be split into sections. In most cases, your system will split between the upstairs and downstairs. This will allow you to cool your entire home more evenly or limit cooling to areas of the house you are not using.

Zoning is accomplished with the installation of dampers inside your air ducts that are electronically controlled. These dampers will open and close to better control the airflow to various areas within your home. A separate thermostat for each zone will give you control over the temperature on each floor.

Schedule AC Maintenance With Aladdin

Regular AC maintenance service is the best way to check up on your ductwork and make sure your home is cooling evenly. Sign up for our Discount Club so you never miss a maintenance call!

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