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Common AC Problems that Begin in the Spring

Spring is a great time for plenty of activities and fun, to be sure. But with it, of course, comes a need for the cool comfort your air conditioning system diligently provides. But what if your unit decides to act up? If you find yourself robbed of the comfortable home climate you deserve, you can call on the certified HVAC specialists at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating!

We’ve been proudly providing the highest quality AC repair services available to our patrons in the San Fernando Valley area for years. With Aladdin, you know you’re getting the best AC repair possible, and our skill and service are unmatched!

Common Spring Air Conditioner Problems

You might be surprised to find just how many issues are directly tied to the season! In spring, our systems need to meet a lot of highly-demanding needs, and our local climate isn’t exactly cooperating. Watch out for these common signs:

  • Initial engagement. On that first sweltering spring day, you might decide that it’s time to kick on the air conditioner. But there’s just one problem; it’s not responding at all! The most likely cause here is a tripped breaker. Check your electric panel to see if your breaker flipped. If it did, you may have weak, faulty, or loose connection in your air conditioner system. Don’t stress! This kind of AC repair is one our expert handle regularly, and we can have your system back up and running in no time.
  • Dust and debris. Allergens and dust are very high in the middle of spring. Many of us suffer from them, and your AC system is no exception. The compressor, coils, fins, filters, and other components are all susceptible to dust and debris particles. This can result in weak air flow, poor cooling, and awful efficiency. If you notice and of these, call in for AC repair!
  • Refrigerant levels. Low refrigerant levels are nearly always caused by a leak. Since air conditioners operate off of a closed system, your air conditioner never “uses” refrigerant. But when the weather shifts from cold, to cool, to warm as swiftly as it does in the spring, it could stress your system and create a leak!

Another small possibility is simply user error. Don’t worry, we’re not pointing fingers! It actually happens quite often. Perhaps someone nudged the thermostat controls, or simply forgot to switch the system from “warm” to “cool”. It’s worth bringing up, because you should check for this before you call in a professional!

AC Repair in San Fernando Valley

You and your home deserve high quality, dependable cooling to get through our California springs and summers. If you find yourself without proper cooling, call on the specialists at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating! We guarantee all of our work, and our repair services are top notch!

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