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Heat Pump Services in Simi Valley, CA

Heat pumps are ideal forSimi Valley homes because of the year-round mild temperatures. A heat pump eliminates the need for two separate heating and cooling systems, which saves you money on your energy bill and frees up space in your home.

At Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating, we have been providing heat pump services in Simi Valley and the surrounding areas for the past 30+ years. Whether you need to install a new system or repair an issue with your current one, we are here to help!

Contact us today to learn more aboutSimi Valleyheat pump services in your area or to schedule your appointment with our friendly, knowledgeable technicians. Your satisfaction is guaranteed—or your money back!
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Our Heat Pump Services in Simi Valley

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

We’ve installed new heat pumps in every neighborhood of Simi Valley, from Santa Susana Knolls to Tapo Canyon. Your home will benefit frominstalling a heat pump system for the following reasons:

  • Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient, helping your wallet and the environment.
  • Heat pumps provide year-round comfort, both heating and cooling your Simi Valleyhome.
  • You only have to worry about installing one unit, rather than paying for two separate systems.
  • Heat pumps are known for their very quiet operation.
  • Heat pumps are cleaner, since there is no gas to burn in order to operate, resulting in better indoor air quality in your home.

Financing options available with approved credit. Ask for details.

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Heat Pump Maintenance

Our Simi Valley heat pump services include heat pump maintenance. This involves a cleaning, tune-up, and inspection, and can end up saving you more by preventing breakdowns. Heat pump maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your system running at peak performance, extend the lifespan of your equipment, and keep your energy bills down.

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Heat Pump Repair

While routine maintenance can help prevent costly repair issues, there are times when problems do happen, especially as your system ages. We are on call to help you get to the bottom of any heat pump repair issue quickly and effectively. So you can call us anytime for emergency heat pump repair service in Simi Valley! Common heat pump problems include:

  • Insufficient heating or cooling
  • Unusual jumps in energy bills, despite no change in usage
  • Frozen compressor
  • Inability to operate in heat mode
  • And more

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Schedule Heat Pump Service in Simi Valley, CA

When you need heat pump service in Simi Valley, we’re ready to help! Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating offers affordable, effective heat pump installations, repairs, and maintenance performed by fully trained and background checked technicians. We are so confident in the quality of our services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee—if you’re not fully satisfied with your service, you get your money back!

To schedule heat pump service in Simi Valley and the surrounding neighborhoods, contact us today.

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