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Your Trusted HVAC Contractor in Valencia, CA

Your Trusted HVAC Contractor in Valencia, CA

The weather in Valencia, CA tends to be sunny and hot, although the occasional chilly day can occur. To keep your home comfortable in all weather conditions, you need a dependable HVAC system and a trusted, reliable HVAC contractor.

At Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating, we have been serving the Valencia area for more than 30 years, providing reliable, cost-effective air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services. We employ friendly, NATE-certified technicians who have the skills to handle even the most difficult heating and cooling problems.

Are you having problems with your HVAC system? Contact Aladdin AC today for friendly, professional heating and cooling repairs. We serve all of Valencia, from Via Patina to Blacksmith Drive.

Quality Air Conditioning Services in Valencia, CA

With the long, hot summers in Valencia, air conditioning is an essential part of life. Whether you have a problem with your air conditioner, you need a tune-up, or you are considering an upgrade, our team at Aladdin AC can help. Our air conditioning services include:

  • AC repairs – Our experts can repair nearly any air conditioning problem, from broken blower belts and refrigerant leaks to failed compressors or start capacitors.
  • AC maintenance – Routine maintenance, such cleaning coils and replacing air filters, is critical to the performance of your air conditioning system. Our services can help you save energy, reduce utility bills, and extend your system’s lifespan.
  • AC replacement – When your system is too old or costly to repair, we offer complete replacement services. As a Carrier-authorized dealer, we offer some of the most reliable, efficient air conditioners on the market.
  • AC installation – If you need an air conditioning system installed in a new home or room addition, our team at Aladdin AC can provide quality installations featuring high-performance Carrier products.

To learn more about our air conditioning services in Valencia, contact us today!

5 Warning Signs You Need to Schedule an AC Service Visit in Your Valencia Home

Imagine this: it’s just another hot summer day in Valencia. You’re walking up to your front door, ready to relax in the AC—but when you get inside, you find a broken air conditioner. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Well, the best way to avoid this situation is to schedule regular AC maintenance appointments to reduce the risk of a system breakdown.

To avoid AC system breakdowns, we suggest that you schedule a preventative air conditioning maintenance appointment annually.

Additionally, you should schedule an AC service appointment right away if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Strange Odor – If your AC unit smells bad, there could be a variety of issues at play. The most common reasons we find are dirty air filters, dead animals in outdoor units, wiring issues, and mold/mildew growing in condenser coils. If your air conditioner smells, give us a call to resolve the issue!
  • Unusual Noises – It’s not unusual for your air conditioner to make some noise while it’s running, even when nothing is wrong. But if your unit makes out-of-the-ordinary sounds like screeching, squealing, hissing, whistling, clicking, or clunking, you might be in trouble. Our team can figure out the cause of the problem and fix it so that you don’t end up with a broken air conditioner.
  • Blowing Warm Air – If your air conditioner starts blowing out hot air, your home is going to become uncomfortable quickly. Call us right away to address the issue!
  • Temperature Changes – Nothing is more frustrating than setting your air conditioner’s thermostat to cool your rooms at the same temperature, only to fit that the temperature changes when you walk from one room to the next. If you experience this warning sign, it’s time to schedule a service appointment.
  • Leaking Unit – If you think a little leak can’t be that bad, think again! If your air conditioner is leaking, you could have a serious problem. Similarly, if you notice frost or ice forming on your AC coils, know that wiping it away won’t solve the problem. Our team can resolve this issue for you so that your unit doesn’t break down.

Don’t wait until you have a broken air conditioner on your hands—contact Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. online or call us at 805-822-0110 to schedule your air conditioner maintenance appointment in Valencia, CA today!

Professional Heating Services for the Valencia Area

Although cold or rainy weather is the exception in Valencia, you will be glad to have a reliable heating system when it happens. Our team at Aladdin AC can make sure your furnace or heat pump is ready with our comprehensive heating services, which include:

  • Heating repair – Our experts can handle all your heating problems, from dirty furnace burners or flue leaks to frozen heat pump coils.
  • Heating maintenance – With regular maintenance and tune-ups, we can make sure your heating system is in optimal condition when you need it. Our services include all regular maintenance tasks, such as cleaning furnace burners or heat pump coils, replacing air filers, and more.
  • Heating installations – When you need a new furnace or heat pump for your Valencia home, our experts can provide an energy-efficient, professional installation.
  • Heating replacements – If your heating system has reached the end of its service life, we can provide complete replacement services, featuring energy-efficient, high-performance Carrier products.

For more information about our heating services in Valencia, contact us today!

The Aladdin Discount Club

Our Discount Club offers great savings! As a member, you’ll get exclusive discounts on parts and labor, access to priority service, regular inspections, convenient scheduling, and more.

Join the Aladdin Discount Club today to take advantage of INSTANT 20% savings!

Why Choose Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating as Your HVAC Contractor in Valencia?

Your neighbors and friends in Valencia, CA have been coming to us for all of their heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs for more than 30 years. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Our Valencia HVAC technicians are factory trained and NATE-certified to provide the highest quality work alongside friendly, professional, and prompt service.
  • We are a factory authorized Carrier dealer and a nine-time recipient of the Carrier President’s Award.
  • We are a fully accredited Better Business Bureau (BBB) HVAC contractor and have earned the Hall of Fame distinction for our complaint-free status.
  • We are eight-time winners of the Angie’s List Super Service Award.
  • We have reviews from clients all over the Valencia area who have come to rely on us as their HVAC contractor of choice.

Schedule HVAC Service in Valencia, CA

At Aladdin AC, we understand that your HVAC system is a significant investment. By choosing our team for all your HVAC needs, you can receive the quality service your equipment needs to remain reliable.

Contact Aladdin AC today to schedule HVAC services in Valencia, CA!

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