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Gas to Electric Heating Conversions in Southern California

Everything To Know About Switching From Gas to Electric in Southern California

What You Need To Know

The 20th century brought about a proliferation of natural gas-powered appliances and heating systems. The 21st century will see these systems phased out and replaced with cleaner, greener alternatives. This is not different than technologies of the past that have come and gone, but what’s different is that there’s a lot of confusion about what this means for homeowners in Southern California.

For now, what’s most important to note is that nothing is official, and rumors that you may have heard that a shift is imminent aren’t true. However, the California legislature has set a goal to make the state carbon neutral by 2045; part of these efforts includes phasing out natural gas-fueled furnaces, water heaters, and other similar appliances and replacing these with electric alternatives by 2030.

What This Means for Californians

Times change, trends emerge, and technologies evolve. In the 21st century, we’re all somewhat used to constantly changing. On the one hand, it’s exciting because new technologies are arriving that improve our comfort, provide more convenience, offer greater safety, and, most importantly, help save money.

On the other hand, it means we must research which options are best for us, schedule a service appointment, and pay for new home comfort systems and critical appliances. At Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating, we can help ease the transition from natural gas to electric appliances. For now, the proposed changes mean that if passed, you can install gas appliances until 2030 and use them after that date; we just won’t be able to install gas appliances after that date.

How Complicated Is It To Make the Switch?

It’s not difficult at all! The HVAC technicians at Aladdin can remove your old furnace, perform comprehensive load calculations, and help you select the ideal system for your needs and budget. We’ll install your new furnace or heat pump, test and calibrate the system, and properly dispose of your old unit quickly and in compliance with all applicable standards and regulatory requirements.

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Are There any Government Resources To Help Pay for This?

Right now is a good time to purchase a new gas furnace, heat pump, water heater, or other home system because the Inflation Reduction Act has enhanced and extended available tax credits into the foreseeable future. These credits allow you to claim 30% or up to $600 for purchasing and installing high-efficiency furnaces. There are also considerable credits for air conditioners, heat pumps, and other HVAC systems. If you want to upgrade to a heat pump that can heat and cool your home, now is the perfect time.

There are also several programs available specifically for California homeowners. These include the Home Efficiency Rebate (HOMES) and the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebate (HEEHRA). These programs offer exceptional savings, and when coupled with programs that make financing easier, it’s never been more affordable or convenient to upgrade your comfort, enhance the performance of your HVAC systems, and reduce your monthly utility bills.

Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating Can Help!

We know navigating legislation, tax credits, and rebate programs can be difficult. At Aladdin AC, our licensed and insured HVAC technicians can help you navigate the available programs and understand how regulatory changes will affect your home today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Most importantly, we can help you identify and install your home’s optimal heating and cooling systems. We offer a broad selection of top-quality, energy-efficient HVAC solutions that will reduce your utility bills, enhance your comfort, and help you enjoy the cleaner, greener future that California is moving toward.

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