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Keeping your Thousand Oaks home comfortable is a full-time job all year long. With high humidity and heat in the summer and relatively cold temperatures in the winter, you need an HVAC system that offers power, reliability, and efficiency all in one. Furthermore, you need a team that can keep that equipment working at its best at all times. Looking for certified HVAC experts near you in the Thousand Oaks area? Look no further — Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help!

Our experts have been offering prompt HVAC repair services, maintenance, and full-service installations to local home and business owners in Thousand Oaks, CA, for over 30 years. When you’re looking for quality, you can depend on us at a cost you can be comfortable with. We put you first, and with a complete range of air quality services added, we’re your one-stop shop for complete home comfort.

Stay Cool With Expert AC Repair Services in Thousand Oaks

Staying cool and confident in the face of a California summer requires an AC system that’s specifically tailored to your needs. Even more than that, it needs to be properly maintained, repaired when necessary, and replaced when the time comes.

If you’re looking for certified and licensed AC experts that can do all of the above (and even more), then you’ve come to the right place. Notice any of the following signs? Then it’s probably time to call for professional air conditioner repair.

  • Strange noises: If your unit is making loud noises, something is wrong.
  • Running continuously: If your AC unit is running but the temperature in your home doesn’t get cooler, it’s time for service.
  • Foul odors: Smells from your air conditioner typically indicate electrical problems or mold.
  • High energy bills: Unusual spikes in your energy costs are a clear sign of problems that need to be addressed.
  • Warm spots around your home: Aladdin can help with uneven cooling to make sure your family stays comfortable no matter where they are in the home.

We Can Repair Any Air Conditioning Issue in Thousand Oaks

Major or minor, any air conditioning problem can be a significant inconvenience. At Aladdin AC, we offer fast, effective repair services for nearly any cooling system, including central air conditioners, heat pumps, ductless mini-splits, and more. Our team has the expertise to solve most AC problems, including:

  • Startup problems
  • Airflow and cooling issues
  • Excessive humidity
  • Frozen evaporators
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Clogged condensate drains
  • Compressor, blower motor, or fan failures
  • Start capacitor or thermostat failures
  • And more!

No matter what the issue is, we’ve got you covered! Contact us online or call now! 

Is It Time for a New AC System?

In some cases, repair may not be possible, or it may simply not be cost-effective. At Aladdin AC, we can inspect your air conditioning system and help you determine if repair or replacement is the best option for your home. If you choose replacement, we offer complete installation services, including:

  • Removing your old equipment
  • Calculating the cooling load for your home
  • Choosing an appropriate system and installing it
  • Thoroughly testing its performance and efficiency

A new system will often be far more efficient, reliable, and comfortable, especially if your current air conditioner is over 10 years old.

Upgrade to a Ductless HVAC System

Ductless mini-split systems use wall-mounted units to circulate air throughout the home without using ductwork. For homeowners in Thousand Oaks who want total comfort in their homes without being tied down by traditional HVAC ductwork, ductless systems may be a great option. They offer:

  • Flexible, Customizable Comfort: Each ductless unit operates independently with its own thermostat, offering complete comfort customization and flexibility.
  • Increased Energy Savings: Operate each unit independently to achieve maximum energy savings and comfort.
  • Ease of Installation: Since ductless units don’t rely on ductwork, installation and replacements are easier, faster, and less expensive than traditional HVAC units.

Heating Repair & Replacement When You Need It

Your furnace will keep you warm and comfortable during those cool nights and frigid evenings. However, that means your furnace or heat pump needs to stay in peak condition and needs to be serviced as needed by knowledgeable professionals. Aladdin AC combines value, reliability, and precision all into one, bringing you a heating service team that never provides less than top-class service.

Reach out to Aladdin for heating solutions, including installation and repair for central heating systems, furnaces, and ductless heat pump units.

Indoor Air Quality Services & Products

Many things can cause issues with your home’s indoor air quality. These can include:

  • Excess Moisture
  • Allergens, Dust & Pet Dander
  • Chemicals and Toxins
  • Outside Contaminants

If you’re having trouble with your health or you suspect that the air quality in your home could be improved, these products could make all the difference:

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When you want an AC or heating service team, you don’t want slow service, a disrespectful team, or sub-par products. With Aladdin AC, you’ll never experience any of those things. We place your needs first and take pride in offering trustworthy service. Whether you’re looking for AC repair, heating installation, or air quality services in Thousand Oaks, trust the team at Aladdin AC to bring it to you!

Contact Aladdin AC online today to find out why we’ve been the top team in Thousand Oaks for over three decades!

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