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Simple Thermostat Change Can Save Money On Heating & Cooling

A study revealed that is possible to save up to $180.00 annually in Thousand Oaks and the San Fernando Valley just by changing your home thermostat to a digital, programmable thermostat.
The reason is that a new thermostat can help you lower your Thousand Oaks home’s energy usage which consequently means a savings on utility bills.

Today, cutting edge technology has brought us programmable thermostats which are more efficient in maintaining a desired temperature and do not require that settings be changed as frequently.

Typically, as thermostats get older in Thousand Oaks, they lose efficiency because of a number of factors such as a thermostat which is located too close to a heat source or perhaps it is in a hallway that is drafty. Additionally, dust accumulates on movable parts over time.

If you feel your home becoming suddenly chilly or hot, it is a possible indication that your thermostat settings are off.

Start Saving Energy Today With a Programmable Thermostat

Since digital thermostats are very efficient, a simple thermostat change in your home in Thousand Oaks or the San Fernando Valley may be a simple way to save energy, money, and protect the environment as well.

Many thermostats designed today are also esthetically pleasing and will fit into your home’s interior design style seamlessly.

If you have been considering a room or home remodel or a change in interior design you won’t have to worry that your old outdated thermostat will detract from your new, updated look.

Here’s one thermostat you should consider:

Carrier now has a new, ENERGY STAR thermostat, called the Edge. It has 7 designer thermostat face plates that will add to the aesthetic appeal of any room in your home.

This thermostat is only 8/10 of an inch thin and designed to work with almost all heating or air conditioning systems. It is easily and completely programmable, even from your computer !

So, if your old, outdated thermostat isn’t helping keep your home cool in the summer and warm in winter, it may be costing you money on higher utility bills. Not only that but as we said earlier, an obsolete thermostat could be hurting the environment, signaling that it may be time for a change.

It’s an easy, cost effective switch with potentially wonderful benefits for your family and home.

To find out which new programmable thermostat is right for your home in Thousand Oaks or the San Fernando Valley, visit : and give us a call today

We’re an authorized Carrier dealer and can answer any questions you have about ENERGY STAR and all types of thermostats.

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