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Nest thermostat installation by a Nest Pro installer

If you’ve just purchased a Nest thermostat and don’t want to install it yourself, call us. We will make every effort to arrive the same day, perhaps in just an hour or two after you call.

Because we are an authorized Nest Pro installer, we’ve installed dozens of Nest thermostats in Ventura County, CA and San Fernando County, CA.

We understand the Nest thermostat installation user guide can be difficult for some people who are not technically inclined to do home improvement projects on their own. They may not have the tools or patience to call or email Nest’s customer service if things don’t go smoothly the first time, especially if they have to troubleshoot Error Codes.

For example, the Nest thermostat is designed to work even if your home doesn’t have a common “C” wire, but installing a new C wire may be required in rare cases. Would you know what to do if you’re one of those rare cases?

Also the set up process for remote access can be complicated and intimidating if you don’t understand the system or easily get scared by the sight of electrical wires.

If you have dual fuel systems (heat pump with furnace), we STRONGLY suggest you leave to our professionals to install your Nest thermostat.

How long does it take us to install a Nest thermostat?

It takes our technicians about 45 minutes to an hour to complete the Nest installation, including the set up for remote application use, like iPhone etc. We will remove and recycle your old thermostat and provide a demo how everything works.

How much do we charge to install a Nest thermostat?

We charge $119 for complete installation with the Nest thermostat provided by you.

On several occasions we’ve received phone calls from Nest owners who attempted to install it themselves but made a simple mistake which resulted in creating additional problems and equipment failures. As a result, it cost them more money in the long run. All of this could have been avoided if they decided to play it safe and have us install their Nest thermostat for $119.

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