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Why Is My Heat Pump Leaking Water?

If you have a heat pump at your Southern California home, you may notice that it appears to be leaking occasionally. When you notice your heat pump is leaking water, you need to know whether this is a problem or a normal part of your system’s operation. The team at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating provides heat pump repair and replacement services in Ventura County.

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How Heat Pumps Work

Knowing how heat pumps work can help you understand when water by your heat pump is or isn’t a problem.

Heat pumps extract heat from one area and move it to another. In cooling mode, they take heat from the indoors and move it outdoors, cooling the air in the home. When in heating mode, heat energy is pulled from the outdoor air and exhausted into the home.

During this normal operation, condensation is common. Condensation forms on the evaporator coils and drips into a condensate drain in cooling mode. Sometimes in heating mode, condensation will form on the outdoor unit and drip onto the ground. This is a normal part of heat pump operation and does not indicate a leak. Leaks can occur, though, and need to be addressed when they are found.

Common Causes of Leaks from Heat Pumps

If you’re noticing more than normal condensation from your heat pump, then it’s time to take a closer look at what is going on. One of the most common causes of leaks is ice on the cooling coils. This happens when the system loses refrigerant. Leaks in refrigerant will cause ice to build on the coils. When the ice melts, it creates puddles below the unit that makes it look as though the unit is leaking.

Another potential cause of water leaks is a problem with the drainage system. Condensation is normal, and your heat pump is designed to collect and remove the condensation through a condensate pan and a drain line. If there is a problem somewhere along this drain line or if the pan is not aligned properly, you may see a leak.

In the winter, you may notice a pond forming around the unit outside. This is a part of normal operation. The unit is designed to defrost the outdoor unit to melt ice when the condensation starts to freeze. This water will drip to the ground and re-freeze. This is not an indication of a leak.

Is your heat pump leaking water from the outside unit or anywhere else?

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