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Furnace Repair in Ventura Aided by Space Age Camera

As winter approaches you may be soon turning on your furnace for the first time this season. When you do, if heat is not forthcoming, a common solution is to call a heating or HVAC professional serving Ventura to take a look at the furnace system.

To properly diagnose what is happening at your home in Ventura, the HVAC repair service must do a complete safety inspection of your furnace and heat exchanger. What most Ventura homeowners don’t realize is that only about twenty percent of the surface on their home’s heat exchanger can be seen with a the aid of a flashlight and a mirror.

Because your family’s comfort and ultimately, their safety is at stake, a professional heating or furnace repair service in Ventura should avail themselves of the latest, state of the art technology to properly troubleshoot and diagnose your home furnace.

In that regard, the VERY best tool to perform the job is the Inspector infrared video inspection camera.

The Inspector™ infrared video inspection camera looks a bit like a space age device seen in futuristic movies and provides the HVAC service technician the ability to see holes, cracks, rust, and/or corrosion problems that may be present inside your home’s furnace in Ventura.

This infrared, high-resolution camera is mounted on a thirty seven inch wand which is connected to a display monitor making it possible for the HVAC technician to see all areas that would otherwise be hidden to the eye and a less accurate inspection.

Once the inspection is complete the HVAC technician can show you the results on a monitor so that you can evaluate what is being said yourself.

When your furnace repair technician uses technology such as the Inspector infrared video inspection camera, you don’t have to take the word of a tech as to what is going on. Since you can see the results immediately, you can make your own decision about any suggested service or repairs.

At Aladdin AC and Heating we use state of the art technology such as The Inspector infrared video inspection camera, GPS systems, and specialized factory training to assure you the best and most accurate results in any troubleshooting that we do.

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