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When you live in an area like Hidden Hills, where temperature extremes are a way of life, you need a trustworthy HVAC company at your side. Aladdin AC has decades of experience and can offer you some of the most sophisticated products in the industry.

Providing Top-Rated HVAC Services for Over 30 Years

Our Hidden Hills technicians are the best team in the industry because we hire only the most qualified applicants. Whether you’re in the market for a new system or want to protect your investment with maintenance and repairs, you can experience the magic of Aladdin AC.

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Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Aladdin AC’s reliable results speak for themselves. We’ll handle everything from your installation to your repairs and maintenance. We work with heat pumps, mini-splits, smart thermostats, and more.

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Why Having a Working AC Is Important

Hidden Hills experiences hot, dry summers, and a functional cooling system is more than just a luxury. It has pronounced effects on your health:

  • Hot weather results in increased hospital admissions.
  • At best, overheating can reduce productivity. At worst, it can trigger heat stroke.
  • If you’re prone to low blood pressure or cardiovascular illness, heat can trigger symptoms.
  • Dehydration can lead to heat cramps.

To have a professional check out your AC unit in Hidden Hills, contact Aladdin AC online.

Signs You Need AC Repair

You need to schedule a repair if:

  • Your system is making clanging or screeching noises.
  • You have a water or freon leak.
  • Your system is over cycling.
  • You’re experiencing patchy climate control.
  • Your electricity bills have risen without explanation.

Some of these issues can lead to component failure and infrastructure damage, so arrange a swift repair before your minor symptoms turn into a catastrophic problem.


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Benefits of a New Cooling System

Today’s air conditioners can achieve more cooling efficiency than ever before. Technology is constantly evolving, so a gleaming new system will bring you many benefits you’ve never enjoyed before. Your replacement will have:

  • A higher SEER rating to bring those utility bills down.
  • An enhanced life span, as today’s HVAC systems can last up to 25 years.
  • More efficient climate control because a new system will boost your efficiency by almost 25%.
  • Smart technology lets you control your system from any remote location.
  • A smaller carbon footprint — it’s time to move away from hazardous refrigerants, and a new system will make that possible.

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Heating Service When You Need It

We work with all makes and models, but we’re also an approved Carrier provider. A NATE-certified team conducts our heating repairs, tune-ups, replacements, and installations.

If you’re ready for a cozy winter, schedule a service online.

Keep Your Home’s Air Clean

You probably think of your indoor air as safe, but your home exposes you to toxins, mold, and allergens. They’re particularly destructive to those with respiratory or skin conditions. Our indoor air quality services can eliminate airborne pollutants. The technologies we work with include:

Contact us if you’re ready to experience clean air’s health benefits.

Join the Aladdin Discount Club

The Aladdin Discount Club will make your HVAC journey more accessible if you need to watch your budget. The benefits include:

  • Price improvements through our famous discount coupons
  • A 20% discount on your following services
  • Priority scheduling
  • Price protection to beat inflation

We also have a referral program that offers savings to everyone you recommend.


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Why Choose Aladdin AC?

Aladdin AC’s ultimate goal is to bring you the best HVAC experience in the industry. We have 20 years of exceptional work serving the regions around the San Fernando Valley. If you live in the coastal areas of Malibu or the Conejo Valley, we’re waiting for your call.

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Additional HVAC Resources for Hidden Hills Homeowners

How to fix uneven cooling in a two-story home?

There are three potential solutions to patchy cooling: You can improve your attic insulation, arrange a ductwork inspection, or zone your air conditioner.

How do I reset my air conditioning unit?

Most systems have a convenient reset button, which should be pressed for three to five seconds. Alternatively, power it down via your breaker.

What heating system is best in Southern California?

Southern California’s mild weather lacks dramatic temperature extremes, so a heat pump or mini-split will offer you the most affordable way to achieve climate control.


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