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In Castaic, where summers are hot and humid while winter nights can get chilly, your comfort in your house, condo, or apartment hinges on the seamless operation of both your air conditioning and heating services.

But do you know how to spot the warning signs your AC or heating units needs a Castaic technician service visit right away?

Aladdin Air Conditioning service technicians are on call to service your HVAC system in Castaic FAST any day, night, weekend or holiday.

Call us if you want better control of room temperatures in your Castaic home with precision accuracy.

Warning Signs you need an HVAC Service Visit

Bad Smells

If you regularly detect bad smells and odors from your air conditioner or heater, then it may be time for an HVAC service visit. The most common reasons we find is a dirty air filter, dead animal, wiring issue, and mold or mildew growing on the condenser coil.

Unusual Noises

When your air conditioner or heater is turned on but still makes unusual noises like screeches, squeals, hisses, whistles, clicks, clunks or something out of the ordinary, turn off your system and call us for a service visit because a part is broken or about to break.

Warm/Cool Air

It goes without saying that if you feel only warm air from your air conditioner or cold air from your heater, you need to schedule a service visit to get comfortable again.

Water or Leaks

If you think, “a little water seepage can’t be that bad,” think again! If water or refrigerant is coming out of your HVAC system, a serious problem may be in motion. Similarly, if you notice frost or ice forming on your A/C coils, don’t think wiping it away will solve the problem. Better to be safe now than sorry later by calling us at 661-414-0444 for a service visit today.

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