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HVAC Service Ventura – Common Issues

Posted on: July 25, 2011

If you need HVAC Service in Ventura, you may not know what is going on with your air conditioning system. You may just know that it is not working! Let us help get you “in the know” a bit by explaining some of the common issues with HVAC systems.

AC Iced Over In Summer

Sometimes, you might be getting a bit warm, only to walk outside and see that you AC unit is iced up. This can have several common causes. First, it could sometimes be a very clogged filter. It could also be that someone has turned the thermostat way down or left a window or door open, causing the AC unit to run constantly. There are other possibilities as well, some that may involve learning the cost to replace an evaporator coil, but these are a couple of possibilities.

Some Rooms Warmer or Colder than Others

This is another common issue that might cause you to need some assistance from a professional, such as WWW.THECOMFORTDOCTORS.COM/AIR-CONDITIONER-REPAIR/. If one room in warmer or colder than another, the filter could again be the culprit. However, if your filer seems clean, it might be that a vent is closed, partially closed, or blocked. This can easily disrupt the air flow and cause one room to be warmer or cooler than another.

Water Leak Near The Unit

This can happen fairly often when your AC is running a lot. The condensation from the unit running regularly can build up and cause your unit to spill over if the pan inside that catches that water gets clogged. A technician can come out and easily fix this for you.

These are just a few of the common issues that you might find with you AC unit this summer, especially as it gets hotter and you have to run it longer and harder! Of course, you know who to contact if you need HVAC Service in Ventura!