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Posted on: July 9, 2011

Tips For Getting Your HVAC System Fixed This Summer

If you are in need of HVAC Repair in Canoga Park, you know you can give us a call at Aladdin anytime. However, there are a few thing you can check yourself as well before you give us a call to help us diagnose the problem and maybe even solve the issue on your own before we come out to assist you. Here are a few ideas for things to check out first.

1. If your HVAC system seems to have totally shut down on you and will not come back on, make sure you check your breaker box to see if maybe the electricity is just out on your unit.

2. If your HVAC seems to still have power but is not cooling, check out the thermostat. Maybe someone accidentally (or sometimes, not so accidentally!) turned the thermostat off, or maybe it was set to go off at a certain time.

Since many thermostats these days can be set to go on and off with a timer, this function can easily get out of whack with a blink in your electricity of the push of a few wrong buttons.

3. If things just do not seem to be cooling as well, take a peek at your filters. Of course we can change these for you – HVAC Repair in Canoga Park is what we do! – but it does not hurt for you to take a look if you want. A clogged filter can significantly lower the efficiency of your unit, and with these hot summers, it needs to be as efficient as possible to be able to keep up!

Checking these three things can help you to narrow down your problem and, in turn, help you avoid spending too much on HVAC repair in Canoga Park!

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