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Heating Repair in Ventura County & San Fernando Valley

When the colder weather arrives on the West Coast, it’s important to have a heating system that’s running smoothly. If you turn your heating system on only to find that it’s blowing cold air or it’s not heating your home effectively, it’s time to call for heating repair.

The team at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating delivers a full range of heating repair services. Our qualified technicians are here to make sure your home stays protected from the cold.

For heating and furnace repairs “near me” in the Newburg Park area, contact the team at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating online today.

Our Heating & Furnace Repair Services in Ventura County & San Fernando Valley

Whether you have a furnace or a heat pump, our qualified technicians can help get your heating system back up and running. We’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer but are trained to work on any heating system. No matter what is happening with your heating system our trained and certified heating experts can help.Carrier brand factory authorized dealer Aladdin Air Conditioning and Heating systems

Furnace & Heat Pump Repair Near Newbury Park

When you have a furnace repair emergency, you can trust an Aladdin furnace repair technician to arrive on time and to swiftly diagnose and repair the issue. With our decades of experience, we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our furnace repair service!

Your malfunctioning or broken down furnace could be due to something as simple as a broken thermostat or clogged, dirty filters—both of which are inexpensive and simple fixes—or it could be a result of a more severe problem. Call our expert furnace repair technicians to diagnose the issue and find out!

Contact us now for furnace or heat pump repair in the Ventura area!

Common Heating System Problems

There are some common issues that can signal that your heating system is in need of repairs.

  • There is no air at all coming out of your vents.
  • Only cold air is blowing from your home’s vents.
  • Your heating system is making loud noises such as banging, popping, or clanging.
  • Your system can’t heat your home to a comfortable level.
  • The air in your home is constantly stale and you have noticed more dust.
  • Your energy bills have taken a steep rise.

If you have any of the above problems or you feel like your heating system is just not working to its full capacity, the team at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating can help.

What If My System Just Can’t Keep Up Anymore?

There will be times when repairs will no longer help, and it may be time to think about heating replacement. This may happen when your heating system is older than 15 years old, or it may be that a system has not been well maintained and it is costing more in repairs than it would to purchase a new system. If your heating system is in need of replacing, our team of experts will give you an honest opinion and help you to pick a new heating system that will better deliver heat to your home.

Call Aladdin for Heating & Furnace Repair in Southern California

The technicians at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating are experts at delivering high-quality HVAC service in a timely manner. We have outlived many heating and air conditioning companies in the area due to our high level of expertise and our excellent technicians. We are an independently owned business, and our owner has over 40 years of experience in the business.

If you are looking for heating repairs in Newbury Park, contact the team at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating online today.