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Heating Maintenance in Southern California

You wouldn’t buy a car and then never take it in for maintenance, right? Right! So, we know you also wouldn’t buy a heating system and then never schedule a maintenance appointment, right? Of course not!

Heating system maintenance is essential in order to keep your unit in top shape. A couple of good reasons to plan regular heating maintenance are to make sure you stay comfortable all winter long and to reduce the risk of needing to call for service when you have an unexpected breakdown.

If your furnace, heat pump, or other heating system is in need of maintenance, contact the folks at your local Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating office today, or contact us online for heating maintenance in San Fernando Valley, or Ventura County!

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Benefits of Heating System & Furnace Maintenance

There are numerous benefits when it comes to maintaining your heating system. Here are some of the reasons you should make regular maintenance appointments for your furnace or other system:

  • Extend the life of your unit – It’s simple. If you take care of your unit, it will last longer!
  • Prevent high repair costs – A system that isn’t regularly cleaned is more prone to breakdowns. If dirt gets into your unit and isn’t taken care of, it leads to the rust and ruin of your heating system.
  • Save money on energy costs – An unclean heating unit has to work harder, meaning higher energy usage. Making sure your system is running efficiently will keep you from overpaying on your monthly energy bills.
  • Keep your manufacturer’s warranty in place – If you haven’t had a professional maintain your system, most companies will not accept a heating system warranty repair claim. Why? The issues are probably due to a lack of maintenance.
  • Ensure your home stays comfortable – Yearly maintenance on your heating system will make sure it works to the best of its ability, meaning you and your family can stay cozy all year long.
  • Keep your system running safely – Maintenance will also ensure that your system doesn’t have any issues that could be potentially dangerous to your home. With regular heating system maintenance, you can rest easy knowing your family and your home is alright.

What Happens During a Heating System or Furnace Maintenance Appointment?

What takes place during heating maintenance will depend on what type of system you have. However, there are a few things that should be included in your maintenance appointment:

  • A full safety inspection
  • Cleaning and maintaining parts
  • An airflow test
  • Estimate for work that may be needed

These are just the basics of what should happen during your maintenance appointment. Our team of professionals at Aladdin can help you go over the specifics depending on your heating system.

Save on Heating & Furnace Maintenance with the Aladdin Discount Club

The Aladdin Discount Club is a great way to save money while ensuring you schedule regular heating system maintenance. If you sign up for our discount club, you will receive regular maintenance appointments alongside a 20% discount on any items you may need replaced during the appointment, like air filters. On top of that, you receive priority service and 20% off any repairs you may need between maintenance appointments. Click here to learn more, or contact us today to sign up!

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Aladdin has over 30 years of experience providing homeowners throughout Southern California with furnace maintenance services. Our trained and certified technicians are prompt, efficient, and respectful of your home during the full inspection of your heating system. You can rely on us to be the best in the area for all of your heating service needs.

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