Your Thermostat Can Save You MONEY this Summer

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Your Thermostat Can Save You MONEY this Summer

Your home thermostat controls the operation of  your home heating and cooling system.  It turns on the air conditioning, bringing your home temperature to the level  that you set and want.

More than just simple temperature control, a proper thermostat can help you to manage the timing of your home air conditioner to help in controlling  electric use and costs.

Older thermostat’s that  are not working properly can contribute to an ineffective use  of energy, causing increased electric costs that can and should be avoided to conserve both your finances and environmental resources.

Make sure that your thermostat is working properly.   If it is, your thermostat can help you save money this summer.

If you are not sure whether your home thermostat is working properly and need some additional information or help, give us a call at 818-991-5684 or 805-480-0327 or visit us online @

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