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Why PURON Refrigerant Helps Protect the Environment

Ventura and Los Angeles County residents are some of the most environmentally conscious folks anywhere.

At Aladdin AC and Heating we support the quest for a clean environment via green technology to help keep our homes comfortable and our environment pristine.

One of the ways that we can make a difference is by the use of Puron refrigerant which is both chlorine-free and sound for use in the environment. The use of this eco conscious refrigerant was pioneered by industry leader Carrier, and is a standard in the HVAC industry today.

In fact, Carrier has been the only manufacturer to develop products for indoor cooling utilizing Puron Refrigerant. As early as 1996, years before the competition, Carrier introduced the very first residential ACs with alternative refrigerants.

Now, a full line of heating and cooling products are available from Carrier using Puron Refrigerant which will help keep your home comfortable while safeguarding our fragile environment.

Why Puron is the Right Choice

In 1990 the Clean Air Act identified refrigerant R22, a standard refrigerant used in most air conditioning and heat pump systems, as something that needed to be eliminated from use and an alternative found.

After extensive testing, Carrier determined that Puron Refrigerant was in fact far superior to R-22 to protect the environment while keeping homes comfortable and helping folks save money in utility usage.

As a result, Puron Refrigerant has become the standard refrigerant for residential HVAC usage today.

Is Puron Refrigerant the Right Choice For Your Home?

If you are thinking about replacing or installing a new your air conditioner or heating system for your home, you should keep in mind that that Carrier’s Puron Refrigerant based products provide multiple benefits including :

•Energy Efficiency — Many Carrier products higher efficiency ratings providing energy efficiency which helps lower energy use and save you money.

•Service Savings — Because of government restrictions on production of refrigerants with ozone-harming CFCs, these products will be harder to find and morem expensive. By upgrading to Puron Refrigerant now, you may save more money by avoiding the need for environmentally unsound and potentially costly refrigerants..

•Reliability — Carrier AC and heating systems with Puron Refrigerant are renowned for quality and reliability.

•Quiet, Peaceful Operation — Many Carrier AC and heating systems with Puron Refrigerant offer Carrier’s Silencer System technology providing quieter operation for your comfort and enjoyment.

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