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When Should I Replace My Ductwork?

Some homes have the original ducting and it may be quite old and damaged. If there are breaks in your ducting, you may want to consider replacement. When ducting is damaged, large percentages of your heating or cooling will escape through those cracks. You begin heating or cooling the attic rather than your home. Current codes for new ducting have strict guidelines regarding this.
Forced-air furnaces pull in dirt and dust along with air. Particles build up inside the walls of your ductwork. This dirt must be physically scrubbed off the inside of the ducts in order to remove it. You may wish to replace ductwork that suffers from an excess of particulate build-up.

Another reason to replace ductwork is if your existing ducts are not sized properly for your home. Keep in mind that duct requirements for air conditioning (cooling) are greater than for heating. Proper sizing and the proper duct layout is important for better comfort. You may want to add duct runs to areas of you home that don’t currently have them.

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