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What Does Your Gas Furnace Do and How Does It Work in Simi Valley?

Your residential gas furnace in Simi Valley is an appliance that has the appearance of a big container. While simple in appearance, your furnace has several functions such as:

1) Cold air intake

2) Cleaning the air via the air filter

3) Heating the air via the gas burner and a stainless steel heat exchanger

4) Distributing warm/hot air using a blower motor into and via the ductwork in your home

The air which is now warm/hot as a result of the heating produced by the heat exchanger next goes through a process of cooling while it is in the rooms of your Simi Valley home and will return to your furnace through the air grills & ductwork.

The now cool air travels back through the air filters into your home’s furnace and will then repeat the process of heating and being delivered to the rooms of your Simi Valley home.

If your residential furnace in Simi Valley is not working properly you may need to perform some troubleshooting such as double checking the pilot light to see if it is on. This may a simple task but if you have an electric pilot light then you probably need the assistance of an HVAC professional.

Whenever working with a gas furnace it is best to call upon a professional who can safely and correctly diagnose service issues and repair them, providing peace of mind and the functionality that your home and family in Simi Valley deserve.

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