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Ventura Heating and Air Conditioning – Keeping Costs Low

With the economy on the ropes and energy prices going through the roof, Ventura heating and air conditioning can cost you an arm and a leg. We know! We have homes that we have to heat and cool, too! We want to help you keep your costs as low as possible this summer as you try to keep your home cool now that the heat has really set in.

There are a few really simple things you can do to keep your home cool and keep your costs down without having to sweat it out all day!

First, use a fan. Seriously, it sounds simple, but if you start circulating the air around your home better, you will find that you can turn the thermostat up a bit and still stay as cool as before. You might even get a little cold if you do not turn it up once you have some fans going around the house.

Second, have your insulation checked out. Make sure that you house isn’t “leaking” the cool air out. Remember how your dad used to say that you “were trying to cool the whole neighborhood?” You might be doing just that if you don’t have good insulation around the home. A few open cracks here and there can leave leaving the door open all day.

Third, close off areas of the house that you do not use. Close the vents in those areas, too. Think about rooms that you do not go into all day – if there is no reason to keep them cool, then why spend the money? You might not want to do this with your bedroom even though you are only in there at night, as it might take a while for it to cool down when you go to bed, but you could!

While it is summertime right now, a lot of these same principles can apply when winter comes around.

If you will follow these simple steps, you could potentially see a drastic reduction in your Ventura heating and air conditioning costs!

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