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Troubleshooting Tips for your Gas Furnace in Ojai, Ventura

If you’re at home in Ojai and your furnace is not working, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot your furnace system and possibly solve the problem in a matter of a few minutes without calling a heating repair professional.

Here’s the list :

Troubleshooting tips for your furnace in Ojai, Ventura, the San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita

*Make certain that your home thermostat is on the HEAT setting.

*Check the temperature in your home by looking at the thermostat. The temperature should be set higher than the temperature currently in your home and displayed on the thermostat.

*Make sure that there is power to your home’s furnace by turning the fan to the ON position as a test.

*Make sure that your circuit breakers are set to the ON position at your home’s electrical panel.

*There is a switch that looks like a light switch on the gray box at your furnace. Make sure that this switch, called an SSU switch, is set to the “ON” position.

*Replace your home’s furnace filter if it has been a month or more since the last 1 inch thick filter replacement. If your home has a 2 inch thick or high capacity pleated filters, these should be replaced every other month.

*Inspect each of the return air grilles to assure that they are open and blowing and not blocked by furniture or other items in the room.

Simple, do it yourself troubleshooting tips such as those above may help you resolve your home furnace issue and help you get your home warm and comfortable again on a chilly Fall day or evening in Ojai or anywhere in Ventura County the San Fernando Valley or Santa Clarita.

Go through each step and make a note of the results. If you compete each step and your furnace is still not working you probably need a professional technician to do some additional troubleshooting to get your furnace running and warming up your Ojai home again right away.

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