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The Right Choice for Heating and Cooling in Newbury Park

Keeping your Newbury Park home warm in winter and cool in summer involves both selecting and maintaining the right home heating and cooling system.

What is often a dilemma for Newbury Park homeowners is making the determination of which home heating and cooling system is best for their home, and will be the easiest to maintain, helping them save money while keeping their home comfortable.

Help is available for homeowners in Newbury Park by way of HVAC systems that carry the popular designation, Energy Star.


ENERGY STAR is a program administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency & the Dept of Energy. The focus of the Energy Star program is to help consumers in Newbury Park and nationwide, save money and protect the environment by using those products which provide energy efficient results and benefits.

Newbury Park residents are among those that are already reaping the benefit of ENERGY STAR. In 2010 alone, national savings achieved were equivalent to a reduction of the gas emissions equivalent from thirty three million automobiles.

At the same time Americans have enjoyed savings of almost eighteen billion dollars billion on their utility costs!

What This Means for Your Newbury Park Home

Making energy efficient decisions for your Newbury Park home can result in real savings of approximately 33% on home energy costs while also producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Perhaps best of all, Newbury Park homeowners can enjoy these savings without sacrificing their family’s comfort or convenience .

This means that heating and cooling systems which carry the ENERGY STAR logo are those which you can rely on as a good choice for home comfort and savings.

Carrier, a name that America and Newbury Park trusts, offers heating and air conditioning products with the ENERGY STAR label.

So when you think of heating and cooling solutions for your Newbury Park home, look to Carrier and the savings provided by Energy Star, both to your wallet and the environment.

And when you are ready to learn more about Carrier and Energy Star, the best way to proceed is by checking out the information and help from your local hometown Carrier dealer, Aladdin AC and Heating in Newbury Park.

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