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Springtime is coming – Filters Clean?

Springtime is coming … is your home protected from pollen & spores (and other ugly-sounding molecules)?

Unfortunately for some of us, this beautiful time of year also unleashes those pesky pollens that have us clinging to our Kleenex and reaching for antihistamines.

Though we want to believe that we are protected from irritants while inside of our homes, the EPA has conducted studies that indicate that air inside the home may contain up to 10 times more pollution than the outside air!

Indoor air pollution can irritate eyes, nose and throat, cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue and aggravate.

Therefore Air filtration becomes a higher priority now more than ever.

With an ever-increasing number of air filtration mechanisms available, how do you know which is best for you?

It’s important to understand that all system filters have two primary functions:

1. To keep larger particles from damaging the heating and cooling equipment

2. To remove particles from the air circulating within your house.

Standard air filters are effective in keeping the air free from most pollens and plant spores, as well as some bacteria. If using a standard filter, however, it is vital that it is checked often and replaced at least twice per year (more frequently if your household is blessed with lots of people and / or animals).

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