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Spring Cleaning: 3 Ways to Get Cleaner Indoor Air

Spring is here, which means it’s time for the annual spring cleaning ritual. Homeowners are busy scrubbing and putting their houses in order, (or some homeowners might just be getting others to do their dirty work for them, particularly when it comes to cleaning their gutters and stuff. So it’s no surprise that many homeowners forget to clean the most important thing in their home. In the midst of all this springtime bustle, don’t ignore the one thing that touches everyone and everything in your home-the air! Like anything else in our homes, it can become dirty.

It makes sense that as we sweep out the dust, we should give some thought to cleaning the air around us. And, even if you can’t be bothered to clean your home, there are now Smart Home solutions that can do it for you – such as air purifiers and dehumidifiers that are controlled by an app. Here are three steps that will help you clean the air in your home.

1. Utilize an Air Cleaner

Homes today are built to seal in the air and control the temperature. Air is continuously recirculated and along with it, dust, dirt, dust mites, pet dander, mold, mildew, and other particles that naturally accumulate in the air. Regularly vacuum cleaning, can help to reduce dust and dirt getting in the air.

Outdoor allergens become trapped inside. Gasses emitted from cleaning chemicals and the fabric in furniture and carpet add to this cocktail of contaminants floating invisibly around you. Everyone in your home breathes them.

An air cleaner that is professionally installed by Aladdin Air Conditioning and Heating can scour the air in your home. Cycling the air through high-quality filters, it returns it to your home free of contaminants! It’s an easy way to help you and your family breathe easier.

2. Install an Air Purifier

Studies have shown that indoor air quality can affect your health. Bacteria, microbes, and viruses in the air we breathe can spread disease and have serious effects on the young, the aged, or those with weakened immune systems.

Air purification is the process of removing health-damaging pathogens and other contaminants from the air we breathe. A whole house air purifier installed by Aladdin’s qualified HVAC technicians works to:

  • Cycle air through your HVAC system into the air purifier
  • Pass the through the air purifier’s filter
  • Pass an electric charge passes all the contaminants filtered from the air
  • Destroy the cell walls of the pathogens trapped in the filter-killing them or making them inactive
  • Cycle the clean air back into your home

The air purifier works alongside your home’s HVAC unit. Professional installation is highly recommended to avoid damaging the HVAC system and to ensure that the air purifier functions correctly. Aladdin’s highly trained air quality technicians have the expertise to ensure that your air purifier is correctly installed and provides you clean, safe air.

3. Use a Whole House Humidifiers

Maintaining the correct humidity level inside your home is vital to ensuring indoor air quality. Lack of proper humidification can result in dry bronchial and nasal passages, contribute to dry skin, and create health issues.

Too much humidification is also a problem. Damp air creates an environment for mold to grow and affects the proper functioning of your HVAC system. Air conditioners have to cycle on more often, running up costs.

A whole house humidifier, professionally installed by Aladdin can eliminate issues resulting from improper home humidification by:

  • Improving your HVAC system’s operation
  • Relieving respiratory illness associated with dry air
  • Decreasing static electricity in winter months
  • Reducing airborne dust particles

Spring is here. Take a moment to consider cleaning the one thing that touches everyone in your family. As a Carrier Authorized Dealer, our team of professionals has the expertise to help you make the indoor air you breathe clean and safe.

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