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Southern California Homeowners’ Top Three Air Conditioning Myths

Air conditioning provides your home with cool relief from the heat and humidity of a Southern California summer, but it can also wreak havoc on your energy bills. and this can In an effort to save money and reduce your environmental footprint, you may be tempted to get creative with how and when you use your cooling system. While there are a number of steps you can take to help you save without sacrificing comfort, there are several air conditioning myths that don’t work and may even wind up costing you more in the long run.

Will Lowering the Thermostat Cool My Home Faster?

A common air conditioning myth is that you can cool your home faster by turning down the thermostat as low as it will go. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make your AC work any faster or harder to cool your home, as it works at the same speed regardless of the set temperature. Once the thermostat is engaged, the air conditioner springs into action and runs until it reaches the desired setpoint, at which time it shuts off. By lowering the thermostat beyond what you need, you will waste even more energy as the unit works to reach and maintain an excessively low temperature.

Does Running the AC All Day Cost Less?

Rumor has it that leaving your air conditioner on all day uses less energy than allowing your house to warm up while you’re away, and cooling it down again when you return. While it doesn’t hurt to leave the AC on while you run a quick errand, letting it run at the same temperature around the clock will send your energy bills soaring. A programmable thermostat can help you lower your energy bills without sacrificing comfort by allowing you to set the temperature several degrees higher for times you are asleep or away, and then bring the temperature back down 30 minutes before you are due to wake up or arrive home.

Does My AC Only Need Service for a Repair?

Many homeowners mistakenly assume that the only time they need to call for professional air conditioning service is in the event of a breakdown. Of course, you need to call an Air Conditioning Repair team immediately if your AC unit breaks, but this isn’t the only time you might require the help of the experts. In reality, your AC requires annual maintenance in order to operate at peak performance. If you have a Trane-manufactured AC unit in your home, you may require a Trane Comfort Specialist, like Aladdin Air, for an effective repair job. During your scheduled visit a certified technician will inspect, tune, and clean the components of your cooling system, replace the air filter, and perform any minor repairs as needed. In addition to preventing any number of major, costly repairs, this vital service can also help to increase the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment. Schedule air conditioning maintenance each spring before you turn the AC on to enjoy safe, reliable service all season long.

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