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Reset Circuit Breakers to FIX Your AC in Agoura Hills

If your air conditioning and cooling system goes out on a hot summer day in Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Woodland Hills or anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley or Santa Clarita, the problem may be easily resolvable if you reset your circuit breakers.

Resetting your home’s circuit breakers is one of those DIY (do it yourself) fixes that you can actually handle with success and ease, if you know what to do step by step.

The first thing that you must do is identify if the problem that you are experiencing with your home’s HVAC or air conditioner is one that may be attributed to a need to reset circuit breakers in your home.

What to Look For
How to Reset Circuit Breakers Step-By-Step

1. Make sure the thermostat is set to cooling
2. Go to your home’s electric panel, where the electric meter is located.
3. Open the panel and look for two breakers that are tied together. These may be identified with markings that say “A/C” or “Air Cond”
4. The circuit breaker may not appear to be TRIPPED or in the OFF position, but go agead and manually turn the circuit breaker to the OFF position
5. The next step is to use the palm of your hand and firmly push your home’s circuit breaker toward the OFF position.
6. This will reset the spring loaded mechanism which is located inside the breaker. It is common to detect a “click” when you complete this step.
7. Finally, turn the circuit breaker back to the ON position and check to see if the AC unit has come on. This may not happen instantly as some air conditioning and cooling systems have up to a five (5) minute delay prior to starting.

During hot summer times when utility usage, evidenced by high electrical demand occurs, it is not unusual for circuit breakers to trip and for an air conditioner to stop working. It is good to know that your air conditioner may not be broken in situations like this. You may be able to fix your AC with a simple DIY reset of the home’s circuit breakers.

What You Should Do Next

If your air conditioning system comes back on delivering cool air to your home and family, you will obviously feel relieved. This is a positive, and good news which saves money, bringing relief from the heat.

But, you don’t want to experience this on a regular basis and incur unnecessary repair bills if something in the AC requires AC service or AC maintenance and is not attended to.

The best way to protect your home and family and keep everyone cool and comfortable is to call Aladdin AC and Heating and have a factory trained technician check the AC system to determine if any air conditioning maintenance may be needed.

And by all means, if the air conditioning system in your home in Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, the San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Santa Clarita, or wherever located does not come back on delivering cool air after you reset the circuit breakers, give us a call.

Our professional HVAC technicians can diagnose and resolve any AC service issue. And because our 14 trucks are well stocked we can typically get your AC back up and running on the first visit. We even have monthly money saving Coupons at our site:

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So don’t sweat the heat…reset your circuit breakers, or give us a call today… Customer service is our top priority and we are here to help :)

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