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Regular AC Maintenance in Simi Valley Lowers Utility Costs

One of the most important things that you can do to keep your AC system running smoothly, keeping your family cool and comfortable during warm summer months in Simi Valley,the Conejo and L.A. County, is regular maintenance by a trained and qualified technician.

Analogous to having your car tuned properly to keep it running smoothly for many years, your home AC system should also have regularly scheduled maintenance to keep it running its best.

Not only will regularly scheduled maintenance keep your system running smoothly, but you will enjoy another benefit as well, that of..

In a study that was completed by California State University, it was demonstrated that a service maintenance program could have a major impact on utility costs, saving you money.

It stands to reason. After all a poorly maintained AC system will use and waste more electricity, while a properly tuned AC system will run at its perak performance conserving utility usage and saving you money. This is true in Simi Valley and throughout the Southland.

Make a regular maintenace program part of your home AC care routine Do it to keep your system running smoothly, keep your home cool and comfortable and to SAVE MONEY ON UTILITY BILLS.

You can accomplish all of this and save even more money on regular maintenance by taking advantage of Aladdin AC and Heating’s – Aladdin Club. Find out more about maintenace savings and why you should be an Aladdin Club member today @:

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