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What to Do Before Shutting Down Your Heating

Winter has died down and spring is in full swing, so with that, it’s time to turn off our heating for the season. There are a few steps to take before turning off your heating for the year to ensure that once you turn it on again the following season, it doesn’t have any outstanding issues. Here are some tips from our HVAC technicians on how to properly power down your heating.

Switch Out the Furnace Filter

Switching your air filter out is a quick yet extremely important step to take before turning off your heating. You may tell yourself you’re going to do it the following season when you turn it back on, but you’ll thank yourself later for getting it out of the way. Any dust, debris, dirt, or other particles that are on your filter will circulate throughout your air, and you’ll be breathing them in.

Having a clean air filter will ensure that you’re breathing in clean, fresh air and that your heating system will work as effectively as possible. Are you thinking “How do I change the air filter in my furnace?” Don’t worry – Aladdin can do it quickly and efficiently for you.

Clean Around the Unit

Don’t forget about cleaning around the outside of the unit as well. Any of that dust, debris, and dirt particles can creep their way into your system over the summer as it lays stagnant. You don’t want to turn it on in the fall or winter to find that it’s dirtier than you left it. Cleaning around the unit before you turn it off for the season as well as when you turn it on can have a huge impact on its effectiveness.

Keep the Area Clear

It’s vital to keep the area around the furnace completely clear as well. Storing things around your furnace or cooling unit when they’re not in use can cause a very dangerous fire hazard situation. Even when a furnace is shut off, it could be active in a few different ways, so you never want to pose the risk of something catching on fire.

You should find a new safe storage space for these items in your home, as they especially shouldn’t be around the furnace once it’s turned back on next season.

Schedule Any Heating Repairs

You may think you can wait until turning your heat back on again to get any necessary repairs, but this is not a smart choice. If there’s a minor issue, it can turn into a more costly issue over time, and you’ll wish you had taken care of it earlier. Even if it stays minor, you don’t want to be stuck in the cold the first few days of winter without a properly working heater.

Do yourself a favor and get it looked at before shutting it down to ensure you’re all set for the cold whenever it needs to be powered back up again.

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