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Now is the Time for Furnace Maintenance in Thousand Oaks

As Fall looms on the near horizon for Thousand Oaks, Ventura County and the San Fernando Valley, the time has come to get your home furnace ready for chilly days and cold nights that impact us even though we live in Southern California.

In all, probability, your furnace hasn’t been called into duty to provide heat for your home since last winter, so there is no time like the present to get it serviced and ready for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons.

Regular maintenance will not help your furnace run efficiently, it will assure you that your home will be warm and comfortable this winter and save you money on utility bill as wells.

Maintenance for your home furnace system in Thousand Oaks should include checking/ servicing:

High efficiency pleated filters
Checking refrigerant pressures.
Condition of coils and drain pans.
Temperature differential across coils.
Controls and safety switches.
Motor bearings and mounts.
Compressor and motor amp draw.
Capacitor and starting components.
Inspect disconnect switches and fuses.
Furnace flue venting safety inspection.
Gas valve operation.
Lubricate motors as needed.
Regular air ducting inspections
Written estimates of recommended repairs.
When included as system accessories:
Wash Electronic Air Cleaners

Just like a regular checkup for your health, your home furnace in Thousand Oaks needs attention so that it will be able to take care of you when you need it to provide warmth for you and your famiy.

And the best part about it, is that having the maintenance done is easy and not costly. In fact at Aladdin AC and Heating, we have Coupons to save you even more money over our regular low cost service.

Take a minute and visit our site today and see just how much money you can save and how easy it is to have peace of mind before the Fall and Winter chill sets in @

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