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Should You Install a Gas Furnace or an Electric Furnace?

Purchasing a new heating system can sometimes provide quite daunting for homeowners. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned homeowner, or this is your first place, really. HVAC technology moves fast, and it can be super difficult to keep up with important details like accessories, efficiency ratings, manufacturers. It can even be difficult just in deciding whether you want an electric heating system, or a gas one; which is actually what we’re talking about today.

The differences between gas and electric are actually quite numerous, and above anything else these unique benefits and perks can influence how comfortable you’ll be for many winters to come. At Aladdin Air Conditioning & heating, your comfort is hands-down our top priority, and we never want to see you getting the wrong fit for your unique needs! Follow along and let our certified HVAC professionals detail the ups and downs of gas and electric heat!

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Electric and Gas Furnaces: How Do They Stack Up?

A very important point to start off with is that neither of these systems is definitively better than the other. There is no objective “best” heating system out there. Gas furnaces, electric furnaces, heat pumps; everything on the modern market is fully capable of bringing you high quality heat and comfort for your home.

The real question really boils down to which of these systems meets your exact needs best. Which one has the efficiency you’re looking for, which fits your home best, which fuel source do you prefer, how often do you want to book a furnace service, etc. These are the real questions. Or you could simply narrow the questions down to “Which of these two systems is best for me?” And that is exactly what we plan to figure out today.

The Benefits of Gas Furnaces

Natural gas furnaces are an energy-efficient, affordable home heating solution. We love the advantages of gas furnaces for Ventura County and San Fernando Valley homes:

  • Run very efficiently. Gas heat generates a lot of BTU (British Thermal Units) per unit of fuel. This means they generate an exceptional amount of comfort versus the cost of operation, meaning you get a quite comfortable home with a very agreeable monthly cost.
  • Provide very strong heating. Gas heat performs exceptionally well in even extreme cold. Essentially, once you kick a gas furnace on, it doesn’t matter if it’s the ice age outside, you’re going to be toasty.
  • Generate heat faster. And tasty in no time at all, at that. Gas heat permeates your home very rapidly, delivering the high-quality heating relief you want at a rate that stands totally unmatched by any other heating system.

The Benefits of an Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces make up the vast majority of heating systems used today. They’ve been reliably heating homes since their inception, and with the addition of new high-efficiency electric furnace systems, they’ve only become more and more popular.

What makes electric heat so great? Electric heating:

  • Requires very little initial investment. Purchasing an electric heating system tends to be far cheaper initially than gas furnaces. Keep in mind that gas is cheaper to operate, however, so temper your decision according to that information.
  • Has an exceptional lifespan. Typically an electric furnace will outlast an electric one by nearly double! It’s not unheard of for an electric furnace to last upwards of twenty years, whereas the average lifespan for a gas system is around ten or so. This makes electric a very smart investment if you plan on staying in your current home for a long time.
  • Are very durable, and require minimal maintenance. Aside from routine professional maintenance (which you should be getting annually!), electric furnaces require very little from the homeowner, only really needing air filter replacements every few months.

Notice we didn’t say much about the power of an electric furnace. This is because pound for pound, gas is just stronger. It heats faster, it heats with more power. Though having said that, both systems can easily provide all of the heat you would ever need in the Newbury Park area.

To Find Your Best Option, Work with the Best Experts

In the end, it’s all about weighing options. This is best done with the assistance of your furnace installation or furnace replacement service provider (that’s us!). We have years and years of experience, and our extensive knowledge is an invaluable resource you should always take advantage of.

The certified and licensed team at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating has been bringing homeowners the very best options for thirty years, and we are proud to help in any way we can! Whether you choose a gas furnace, an electric furnace, or you need help deciding, we are always right here and ready to assist.

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