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Heating and Cooling Los Angeles – Saving Money

When it comes to heating and cooling in Los Angeles, the temperatures can fluctuate so much during the year, depending on exactly where you live, that your electric bills can sometimes make you sick. It is frustrating to see that electric meter spinning so fast outside, running up the bill. Here are a few quick tips to keep your heating and cooling in Los Angeles from ruining your wallet.

First, make sure your filters are clean in your unit. Without proper air flow in your HVAC unit, you will end up pushing it harder than necessary and running up your bill in the winter or summer.

Second, dress for warm weather while in your home. Too many people will crank down their air conditioner, then grab a blanket to stay warm. Ditch the blanket or the sweatshirt and turn the thermostat up a few degrees.

Third, close off unused part of your house, and close the vents if necessary. There is no reason to keep rooms in your house cool that you will not be using.

Fourth, keep a fan running in the summertime and in the winter. Circulating the air in your home, cold or hot, will help evenly distribute the air temperature.

Finally, don’t forget about us here at Aladdin! We can come check out your home and see if there are any changes or upgrades we could make to help keep your place cool. We are experts in heating and cooling in los angeles!

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