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What Grease and Grime Do to Your HVAC Unit

You probably know by now that routine HVAC maintenance is key to a healthy air conditioning system. Part of the why for this is because your system accumulates massive amounts of dust, debris, grease, and grime over very little time. But why does this happen, and what exactly does it do to your air conditioner?

At Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating, we take your HVAC needs seriously! We understand that information is key when making important decisions about your home. And our team can confidently say that understanding why annual air conditioner maintenance is so important is critical.

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What Does Grease Grime Do to Your HVAC System?

A professional maintenance visit always includes a complete cleaning of your air conditioning system; sometimes even a duct cleaning is in order. But why? How can a little dust be dangerous?

  • Debris impedes air flow. Excessive dust and particulate matter in your system has a direct impact on air flow; a crucial aspect of how your air conditioner operates. Clogged air filters, choked ductwork, and layers of dust in vents will lead to very poor air flow, resulting in system freezes and poor comfort control. Failing to keep these under control can necessitate costly air conditioner repairs!
  • Grease and grime can wear out components. The small working parts in your system are constantly in motion and working to keep your home comfortable. Layers of grease, grime, and dust will build up on them rather quickly, and can lead to jams and component wear. Eventually, this will break or damage these parts, necessitating things like fan coil replacement and robbing you of comfort.
  • Dirty systems reduce air quality. All of the dust and mess present in your system is stuck in a perpetual loop. Some of it may stick to the system itself, causing the issues we’ve detailed in this list; but much of it will be endlessly cycled through your home, and eventually into the air you breathe.
  • Debris makes your HVAC system work too hard. Whether it’s impeded air flow, damaged parts, or simply wear due to time, a lack of maintenance can lead to your system working entirely too hard. This has a huge impact on efficiency, meaning you pay more for less cooling and comfort! Additionally, a system that works double-time to keep up with demands will have a shorter lifespan, meaning you’ll be dealing with an air conditioner replacement far sooner than you might have planned.

These are just a tiny group of reasons of why HVAC maintenance is so important to your system! Your air conditioner is just like any other machine or tool. It needs proper care to stay in proper working order, and will routine maintenance you can maximize its usefulness and effectiveness.

Professional HVAC Maintenance in California

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