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Furnace Blowing Cold Air? Here’s Why (& What to Do About It)

You’ve probably dealt with a furnace problem or two in your day. Maybe a breakdown, or possibly a faulty and temperamental thermostat. But out of all the problems you can experience, having a heating system that blows cold air has to be the most infuriating.

The temperatures are dropping outside enough as it is; you don’t need it chilly and uncomfortable inside too! The problem is particularly frustrating because without the knowledge of an HVAC professional, it can be quite hard to figure out the root of your issue. But never fear, Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating is here!

Our experts have been providing homeowners in the Newbury Park area with top-quality furnace and heat pump services for over thirty years. We’ve seen (and repaired!) it all, and to us a cool air blowing furnace is nothing new. Wondering what your problem might be, and how you can go about fixing it? If so, we’ve got some answers lined up and ready for you.

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Why Your Furnace Could Be Blowing Cold Air

This problem actually comes with a surprising number of possible causes. Many things affect how your furnace operates, and nearly all of them can impact the quality of your heating. If something goes wrong with any of these, it can result in inadequately heated air, all the way to downright frigid air coming from your furnace. Let’s start at the top and work our way down.

User Error

So, this one, if it is your cause, might be a touch embarrassing. But it shouldn’t be! A good number of repair calls we’ve answered, the issue has simply been one of the following:

  • Furnace is not set to the “auto” position
  • Furnace is not set to “heat”
  • Thermostat is set too low to kick on

Now these might seem silly, but a lot of stuff can happen. Maybe it simply slipped your mind. Or possibly someone accidentally brushed the thermostat while walking by and knocked one of the settings awry. In either case, just be sure you check your settings thoroughly. We don’t want you shelling out for a costly emergency service only to find out there wasn’t an issue at all!

Air Flow Issues

Your heating system relies on a very specific quantity of free air flow and air pressure within your home to operate properly. When this balance is upset by anything at all, one of the more common results is a very low amount of heated air actually making its way into your home. This can be caused by:

  • Dirty air filters. Air filters are a small, often forgotten part in your heating system. But having a clean one is absolutely critical to proper operation! A clogged air filter will increase your heating costs, constrict air flow, and can even result in an overheating furnace!
  • Clogged outdoor units. There is a small chance that your exterior unit has become clogged with grass blades or leaves. This happens most commonly early in the season, when we’ve just passed fall weather. If your outdoor unit is blocked up, a good brushing with a stiff-bristle house broom can do wonders.
  • Closed vents in the home. Many homeowners close vents thinking it will keep certain areas of the home warmer. In fact, this is counterproductive, as it alters the air pressure in your home, making your HVAC system actually work harder to do its job, increasing your heating costs and usually making your home less comfortable overall.
  • A lack of maintenance. Been missing out on professional maintenance for your furnace or heat pump? Maintenance is a key part of keeping your furnace healthy, so be sure to schedule yours today if you haven’t gotten it this season!

Gas Furnace Pilot Lights

If you use a gas furnace, your problem may very simply be that the pilot light has gone out. Odds are you can quite simply just relight it and all will be well again. However, if your pilot refuses to stay lit, you need professional furnace repair right away. Gas furnace malfunctions can present a lot of dangers to your home, so it’s best to seek professional service right away.

Air Duct Leaks

Have you had your ductwork checked by professionals recently? If not, you could have air leaks that are causing all of your nice, heated air to simply leak out before they get to the right places in your home! Unfortunately this issue doesn’t really have a DIY-style solution; you’re going to need experts to come out and help you get the right repair services to suit your needs.

Professional Furnace Repair Services in Newbury Park

Didn’t find your problem listed above? Don’t fret! Our experts carry years of experience and industry-leading training in furnace repair services. When you’re having issues with your furnace system or heat pump, you can always depend on the professionals at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating to bring you fast, effective solutions that guarantee a return to comfortable normalcy for your home.

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