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5 Ways to Lower Your Energy Costs This Summer

Come the summertime, your need for comfortable cooling power skyrockets. Trouble is, that means a lot more energy consumption, too; high summer energy costs are a plague that hits every home in the San Fernando Valley! But for the savvy, there are some quick and easy solutions that can help you out. Team these with a utility bill management system and you can take control of your energy outgoings, saving money monthly in the process.

Want to drop your energy costs and keep comfort high in your home this summer season? Schedule routine air conditioner maintenance service with the certified and licensed professionals at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating!

Quick Tips for Reducing Energy Costs

If you’re apprehensive and ready to see a list of unreasonable investments, you can relax! These tips are fast, simple, and cost very little. The goal is to save money, after all, and the team at Aladdin knows just how to do it.

  • Block out the sun. We all like a bit of natural light to brighten our homes and moods, but keep in mind that the sun will generate radiated heat in your home. If you want to keep costs down, use shades and window covers to keep your home cooler during the day. If you just can’t do without sunlight, look into “low-e” glass windows.
  • Make use of ceiling fans. When your ceiling fans are set to run counter clockwise (which is usually accomplished with a little switch on the base of the fan), they will blow air down into the room, lowering your perceived temperature considerably. This means you can kick that AC up a couple of degrees, which can reduce the amount of energy it consumes by up to 12% or even more per degree! Once this has been done, you can enjoy all of the benefits that this appliance can bring. A malfunctioning AC is not something you want in the middle of summer and is something you’ll definitely want to address as these kind of problems tend to snowball over time becoming more and more costly to fix, It’s useful to know there are professionals near you who can conduct the necessary repairs when the need arises.
  • Control your thermostat carefully. Leaving the house for most of the day? Set the temp to 78, or even cut off the AC completely. Doing this even a few days out of each week can dramatically lower energy costs. If you don’t want to wrestle with coming home to a hot house, look into programmable thermostats-they’re a lifesaver, and come with some unique perks of their own.
  • Get your insulation checked. When was the last time you had an energy audit or insulation inspection? If it has been a while, you could be losing out on loads of cash through bad cool air leaks! This one is certainly a little closer to the “investment” scale, but if you want a cost-simple solution instead then pick up window kits and cans of foam insulation for a cheap alternative that will tide you over for a season.
  • Schedule air conditioner maintenance. Out of all of the energy your home consumes, nearly half or more of it is due to your heating and cooling system. That means making them as efficient and optimized as possible is key, and a professional tune-up service can help you a lot here. Getting yearly maintenance can drastically improve not only your comfort, but how much you pay to get it, too.

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Want to learn more about our efficiency-improving maintenance services, or curious about how a high-efficiency AC installation might help you drop electricity costs? Contact the professionals at Aladdin Air Conditioning and Heating today!

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