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DIY Tips If Home Air Conditioning Blows Hot Air

As temperatures climb this month some home Air Conditioning systems may blow Hot Air in Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills and Santa Clarita.

If that happens there are a few DIY tips you can use to pinpoint the problem so that you can get your home cool and comfortable again.

For example:

The Thermostat May Be Off
If your thermostat is not set to cooling or AC or air conditioning, then the system may blow hot air. Check to make sure that your thermostat is properly set for air-conditioning.

Many thermostats have a separate setting for heating and cooling. Take a look at the thermostat and make sure it’s set to lower than the inside temperature, and the switch is set to air conditioning.

Doors or Windows Left Open or Poorly Insulated
If the doors or windows are not closed properly then warm or hot air may get in from outdoors, preventing the air conditioning system from cooling down your home

Dirty Air Filters
Air filters on your air conditioning unit should be regularly changed to assure a flow of clean air into your AC, permitting it to cool the home efficiently. If your air filters have not been changed and it has been more than a month, then, by all means, change the air filters for the air conditioner now. This may start the flow of cooling air upon competition. If your filters aren’t changed and the issues persist then it might be a good idea to look at the fan coil. Having a professional in your local area that can perform a fan coil installation to breathe some new life into your HVAC system can be a massive help.

Low or No Refrigerant
If your home uses standard Freon or any refrigerant and is not cooling properly than you should call a certified HVAC technician at Aladdin AC and Heating to check and add any refrigerant as needed. If there is no refrigerant at all then it is possible that a leak exists which must be diagnosed by a qualified technician.

Poor Insulation or Leaks in Ductwork
If the insulation associated with the duct work has lost its capacity to perform effectively, the air in the rooms of the home will be warm and uncomfortable. If the air in the home is warm or hot when the air conditioning is running, it may be a sign that the ductwork needs attention by an air conditioning technician to get the rooms cool and comfortable again. If the ductwork is leaking, this may also contribute to the rooms being warm.

The best way to assure that your home in Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills or Santa Clarita stays cool and comfortable and your air conditioning keeps cool air blowing during the hot summer months is to have a regular service of your home AC system or AC Tune-up performed.

At Aladdin AC and Heating we have certified technicians who can perform an AC Tune-up for your home. This month, we have a coupon which will save you money if your cooling system needs a tune up and you can get one now!

So if your home in Home in Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills or Santa Clarita has an air conditioning system which is blowing warm or hot, check out the tips above then give us a call. Our technicians can help you get back to cool and comfortable in no time.

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