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Avoid an AC Repair Scam This Summer

Friendly, reliable AC repair is always a welcome service here in California. When you need a repair, you want it fast, and you want it done right the first time! But what if the service you get differs from the service you want? Do you feel like you’re being scammed by your AC repair company? The sad truth is, you might be right!

At Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating, we want nothing more than to ensure our patrons only get the best AC repair in Ventura County. And fact of the matter is, scams exist. They’re out there, and there are “experts” that are looking for a quick cash grab before they give you a wave and a smile. And nothing else.

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How to Avoid an Air Conditioning Scam: The Basics

Scams are rampant in the spring and summer seasons. But luckily for everyone, they all tend to follow the same trends, making them easy to spot. When choosing your HVAC specialists, look for:

  • Licensing and certification. Air conditioning repair specialists absolutely must be licensed and certified to operate lawfully. What’s more, they need these credentials for the specific state they’re working in. Laws and regulations differ from state to state. Does your repair specialist have certification? Do they have it in California specifically? If the answer is no to either of these, you don’t want them working on your system! Professional workers should also have the proper equipment with them. This should also be a signifier of whether or not your technician is legitimate.
  • Marked or “branded” professionals. Professionals will have markings of their official company on vehicles, shirts, sometimes even their pen. Unmarked vehicles and plainclothes technicians are a clear warning sign that you might not be working with a pro.
  • Clear, comprehensive documentation. All contracted work should be handled on paper first. Billing information, the work agreed upon, all of it needs to be on official documents. And beyond that, it should be clear and easy to understand for the homeowner. If the information looks deliberately confusing, it’s probably on purpose.
  • Understandable and fair pricing and payment. Absolutely under no circumstance should you ever agree on work where payment is all up front, and all in cash. This is almost definitely a scam tactic that will leave you bereft of whatever you handed them.

Be sure to avoid:

  • Unsolicited repair service. One of the most common scams around involves a “contractor” coming to your door with some fabricated emergency situation. When you need AC repair, you call for it. Proper companies do not do door-to-door.
  • A lack of professionalism. There is never an excuse for rudeness, or rush tactics. Anyone employing these is trying to muscle you out of cash with intimidation or by confusing you. Be sure you’re happy with your service provider, and never take impolite or abusive language from your AC repair expert!

Professional AC Repair in San Fernando Valley

When you choose Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating for your repair, you’re guaranteed fast, effective, and trustworthy service. We’ve been providing superior repair for years, and we strive to always exceed expectations. Next time you need air conditioner repair in California, be sure to call on our team right away!

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