How Air Conditioning Warranty Saves Money

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Air Conditioning Warranty Saves Money

An air conditioning warranty saves money for many homeowners in Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Simi Valley and nearby communities in the San Fernando Valley and even Valencia.

When an AC stops blowing cold air, it is often true that all that is needed are some simple DIY steps to get the AC back on or an air conditioning service or tune-up by a factory trained technician.

But for some homes, the best option may be to replace the air conditioner with an new AC system that will keep the family cool, and save the homeowner money.

This is because newer model AC units typically use less energy, thereby lowering the family’s monthly utility bill.

At Aladdin AC we can work with any brand or make of air conditioner but you should know that we are your local authorized Carrier dealer, the company that offers the best and most complete money saving air conditioner warranty possible.

It is one of the many reasons that we are proud to offer Carrier air conditioning products, the finest in AC systems to our new and long time customers.

Often overlooked as an important feature, your air conditioning warranty may come in handy down the road when you least expect to have an AC repair problem.

How a Carrier Air Conditioning Warranty SAVES You Money

There are many reasons that a Carrier air conditioning warranty saves money for any homeowner.

Here’s a few

As a general rule, Carrier products, registered within ninety days typically provide a standard parts limited warranty.

This means that you have protection and coverage if there is a problem with the unit or a component that is covered by the warranty.

Carrier also offers optional labor warranties that may help offset any associated labor costs which can range from one hundred dollars to one thousand dollars or more.

Labor extended warranties include:

1- Five year or ten year coverage options
2- A transferable warranty that may increase the value of the home upon resale.
3- No deductible – the warranty is completely underwritten by Carrier
4- Repair work will be performed by a local experienced tech such as the factory trained technicians at Aladdin AC

So if the heat is getting you down, end the discomfort now by calling Aladdin AC for a service appointment. As we said earlier, in many cases a service or tune-up may resolve the issue and your family will be happy and cool again in no time.

You’ll save money by getting your home AC running efficiently once again as well…and if you decide that it is time for a new air conditioning unit for your home in Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Simi Valley, the San Fernando Valley or Valencia, you can save even more money with one of this month’s Aladdin Coupons.

Download one now at : and enjoy a cool and happy home again !

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