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Air Conditioning System Problems Due to Leaks in Ductwork

If the air conditioning system in your home in Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks or anywhere in the Conejo Valley is not blowing cold air there could be a variety of issues such as leaks in the ductwork that may be causing this.

One of the often-overlooked possibilities is in fact a problem with the ductwork that delivers the hopefully cold air to the different rooms in the home.

Possible Problems with Ductwork

1.) Leaks- may exist in the ducts causing a loss in cold air before it reaches the destination room(s)

2.) Loose/ Improperly Sealed Grills- If your grills are not well sealed, air can be lost prior to delivery to a room in the home. This makes your AC system work harder and use more electricity as well.

3.) Filters- If the size or fit of an air filter is improper then there is a chance that air will leak causing further loss and an increase in energy use.

4.) Return Ducts- Designed by function to send air back to your air conditioning system, these ducts may be blocked causing a loss of air and inefficiency to the system.

5.) Dried/ Worn Out Duct tape – Previously, duct tape was often made poorly and tape and had a tendency to dry out, crack, or experience a loss of the bonding agent. This made the tape drop off, leaving openings or gaps where leaks could materialize.

6.) Poor insulation- Poor insulation may well prevent cold air from being delivered to the rooms as the air has escaped or leaked out.

7.) Twisted air ducts- Some air ducts may become twisted, preventing proper delivery of air. This is a common issue with some plastic air ducts.

8.) Duct connectors- Leaks may exist at spots where there has been a repair that has deteriorated or if the initial installation of the ducts was not done properly.

Clearly is desirable to avoid problems with the ductwork which cause a loss of cold air to the system and home and a higher use in energy and expense as well.

The best way to do this is to schedule a regular inspection and maintenance of your home air conditioning system.

A qualified HVAC technician certified by NATE can efficiently identify any problem areas, even in those areas which you cannot see on your own, that need attention and make necessary repairs.

If you do, your family will stay cool and comfortable and save money during the hot days to come.

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We’ll get your home cool and comfortable again because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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