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Four Air Conditioner Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Air conditioners used to be infamously noisy, but thanks to the latest innovations in the world of HVAC, they’ve gotten increasingly quieter. That being said, it is likely that your unit will make some noise-some of which is normal, some of which may indicate malfunction. This guide will cover some of the most common AC noises and the best steps to take to combat each issue.

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Unusual AC Noises & Possible Sources


Hissing likely indicates a refrigerant or coolant leak within the unit. This tends to cause inefficiency and can make your machine work overtime. Hissing can also be accompanied by a bubbling sound, which is more serious. Refrigerant is not expensive, but a leak can be dangerous to humans, particularly if you try to repair the system yourself without prior experience. Call the professionals at Aladdin AC right away to ensure your safety and get your unit back in working order.


There is often a certain amount of buzzing coming from your AC unit, but if it increases, you may have a wiring issue at hand. The wiring itself could be loose, or there could be a problem with the contact switch or fan motor. Alternatively, buzzing may simply result from debris or loose parts. This is unlikely to be dangerous but could cause harm to your system if it continues to run under compromised circumstances. Our AC specialists will be able to properly diagnose the source and eliminate the buzzing.


This loud, high-pitched screeching is likely caused by built-up internal pressure. Shut your unit off immediately if it hasn’t already shut itself off (many units have sensors for pressure but sensors can fail). It is a good idea to turn off your entire cooling to avoid further damage. While this is inconvenient and possibly uncomfortable in your SoCal home, it is better to stay safe. Our team of experts will resolve the issue and restore comfort to your home.


These types of sounds tend to come from loose hardware, which, depending on the part, may be easy to replace. Do a quick surface-level analysis of your system and see if anything appears immediately askew. There could be any number of parts loose or crooked within your unit, so don’t fret if you can’t see anything yourself. Just give Aladdin AC a call and we will check out your system to remedy the source of the banging or clanking.

If your cooling system is making any of the sounds above, don’t hesitate to call Aladdin. Our advice is-if the noise seems abnormal, get it checked out. It doesn’t do you, your wallet, or your AC any good to have your system running at submaximal efficiency. Best case scenario-it’s a quick fix. Worst case scenario-you and your family could be in dangerous if something is truly awry within your system.

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