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AC Service Ventura – More Common Issues

When it comes to AC service in Ventura, we often see some of the same issues on a regular basis. In our last post, we talked about three common problems with HVAC units. Today we want to continue discussing what some of those issues are.

Loud Noises From the Unit

Sometimes, you may start hearing your AC unit make seriously loud noises, and this can get annoying and become a real issue as it gets worse. Fortunately, the problem here is usually minor and related to the fan belt, which may need to be changed. It could also be the fan motor, which may be a little more serious.

AC Over-cooling or Under-cooling

While this could have a number of causes, one common issue is the location of the thermostat. If the thermostat cannot get a good sampling of the air, then it might think that the room is warmer or cooler than it is. A fix to this would be moving the thermostat to a more proper location where it can get a better sampling of the temperature of the air in the room.

Coolant Leak

Another common issue is a coolant leak. The coolant in the AC unit is what actually chills the air in your system. If your air conditioning unit runs out of coolant, it could cause your unit to stop cooling well. As it leaks, you would probably feel the difference and could tell that it was not cooling as well and getting worse over time.

Make sure you contact a professional to deal with these common problems. If you have any of these issues or other problems with your HVAC unit, feel free to contact us anytime! We are your solution for AC service in Ventura, and we are here to help anytime!

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