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3 Ways to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Seeking a timely replacement for your Southern California air conditioning system can provide you with a lot of very important benefits. But it can be hard to tell when replacement becomes necessary. Having a hard time with your home’s HVAC system, and not sure if it’s time to call in for a replacement service? Today the certified air conditioner team at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help!

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Much of the debate here stems from choosing to replace over air conditioner repair. Most commonly, we all tend to prefer a repair service. After all, it’s faster, tends to be cheaper, and overall is a bit less stressful. So, when we look at it from this angle, we can say that replacement becomes necessary when repair cannot provide what a replacement can. It’s always better to save yourself money and try and repair your HVAC system where possible, but there will probably come a time where you need a new unit. However, by keeping your HVAC unit well maintained, you should be able to keep it working for longer. Regular maintenance allows HVAC companies to spot any minor issues and fix them before they worsen.

However, replacements are likely at some point. It’s best to replace an air conditioner when:

Your Air Conditioner Is Too Old

Assuming you get your air conditioner serviced annually (or, in the case of a heat pump, semiannually), you can expect anywhere from 10 to 15 years of good service. After that point, you’re going to be paying in a lot more than you’re getting back, both in efficiency and in additional maintenance and repair needs. It’s also worth noting that if you find yourself needing repair and your system is past the 10-year mark, it might be a good time to go ahead and consider the replacement.

The Repairs You Need Aren’t Worth It

There are some repairs, namely major component repair or replacement, that are notably expensive. It’s rare for a replacement to be cheaper at face value in these situations, but it’s pretty common for the replacement to only be marginally more expensive, which will pay for itself quickly with the added increased efficiency and performance of a newer, modern air conditioner.

Any time a major repair comes up, it’s worth it to at least talk to your trusted HVAC professional about your options. Feel things out, see what a replacement costs, and ask them for an honest, professional opinion. We tend to prefer giving you the service you need more than anything, so give it a go and see where you might be able to save on money and stress in the future!

Your System Isn’t Efficient Enough

Efficiency is a big, big deal these days. This is primarily due to the sheer number of advancements we see in HVAC technology each and every year. The SEER rating updates (currently 14 here in California) routinely, and if you’re behind the times, you could be losing out big time on energy cost reductions.

This decision is going to be weighed against how long you’ll be living where you are, of course, since it takes time for energy savings to actually benefit you. Typically, if you plan on moving in the next year or two, we wouldn’t recommend replacing for solely an efficiency boost, unless you want to increase home value. It might also help to monitor usage and cost by deciding to make AC smart. This way, you have a better idea of how and when to have it on.


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