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Whether you spend your summer days hanging out at Oxnard Beach Park or exploring the Channel Islands Harbor, you get to experience the warm, sunny weather that makes life in Oxnard so enjoyable! But when temperatures start to rise, you depend on your air conditioning service to keep your home cool and comfortable.

But what if your air conditioner isn’t working? Don’t sweat it! Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help you beat the California heat. Our air conditioner repair technicians are prepared to handle any issue you may have.

In addition to providing AC repair services in Oxnard, our technicians are also skilled at air conditioner maintenance and installation. So whether you need a new unit altogether or simply want to make sure your system continues running properly all summer long, we can help!

Contact our team at Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. online or call us at 805-480-0327 to schedule air conditioning services in Oxnard today!

Air Conditioner Installation Services Throughout Ventura County

High quality, well-installed air conditioners are meant to last for many years. However, once they reach 10 years of age, they’ll need to be replaced with a new, more efficient air conditioner that can continue effectively cooling your home. As energy efficiency improves with the latest technologies, you might find that an AC replacement will pay for itself with reduced monthly energy costs!

Our team can replace your old unit and install a new air conditioner in your home. When you install an air conditioner in Southern California, you expect it to work properly—which means you need the right size, precise installation, and proper ductwork. Other air conditioner installers often cut corners to save themselves time and money, but we don’t! Your comfort is our top priority, so we spent time analyzing your home to ensure your get the best unit for your individual needs

Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating. is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, which means we provide our customers with the highest quality cooling systems in addition to the highest quality customer service.

If you have a current air conditioner that is no longer keeping up with your needs, or you are building a new home and you need AC installation, our team of skilled technicians can help!

Contact us online to schedule your Oxnard AC installation today.

5 Warning Signs You Need AC Repair in Oxnard

Imagine this: it’s just another hot summer day in Oxnard. You’re walking up to your front door, ready to relax in the AC—but when you get inside, you find a broken air conditioner. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Well, the best way to avoid this situation is to schedule regular AC maintenance appointments to reduce the risk of a system breakdown.

To avoid AC system breakdowns, we suggest that you schedule a preventative air conditioning maintenance appointment annually. Additionally, you should schedule an AC repair appointment right away if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Strange Odor: If your AC unit smells bad, there could be a variety of issues at play. The most common reasons we find are dirty air filters, dead animals in outdoor units, wiring issues, and mold/mildew growing in condenser coils. If your air conditioner smells, give us a call to resolve the issue!
  • Unusual Noises: It’s not unusual for your air conditioner to make some noise while it’s running, even when nothing is wrong. But if your unit makes out-of-the-ordinary sounds like screeching, squealing, hissing, whistling, clicking, or clunking, you might be in trouble. Our team can figure out the cause of the problem and fix it so that you don’t end up with a broken air conditioner.
  • Blowing Warm Air: If your air conditioner starts blowing out hot air, your home is going to become uncomfortable quickly. Call us right away to address the issue!
  • Temperature Changes: Nothing is more frustrating than setting your air conditioner’s thermostat to cool your rooms at the same temperature, only to find that the temperature changes when you walk from one room to the next. If you experience this warning sign, it’s time to schedule a service appointment.
  • Leaking Unit: If you think a little leak can’t be that bad, think again! If your air conditioner is leaking, you could have a serious problem. Similarly, if you notice frost or ice forming on your AC coils, know that wiping it away won’t solve the problem. Our team can resolve this issue for you so that your unit doesn’t break down.

Don’t wait until you have a broken air conditioner on your hands—contact Aladdin AC online to schedule your air conditioner maintenance  in Oxnard today!

Why You Should Choose Aladdin AC for Your Oxnard HVAC Services

For more than 30 years, Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating has been providing quality AC services to thousands of Ventura County residents so they can remain cool and comfortable indoors on hot and humid Southern California days.

While other air conditioning service companies may say they deliver the best cooling service, Aladdin backs up its claim with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We have the awards and customer reviews to support our firm belief that you will find our air conditioning service more professional, caring, friendly, and affordable than most other AC service contractors. As a factory authorized dealer of Carrier products and seven-year winner of Carrier’s President’s Award, our company takes any AC service call seriously.

Contact Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating online to schedule your air conditioner maintenance appointment in Oxnard, CA today!


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  • "George was early, professional, courtious, and answered all our questions. That alone will have us calling again in the winter and we have given your number to our friend Teresa M. Who will call soon! Thanks!"
    Customer: Barbara
    Address: Oxnard, California
    Employee: Jorge L.
    Work description: Heating Maintenance & Safety Inspection
    Date: 01/29/2018

  • "Great. Same day... quick, courteous, efficient."
    Customer: Vince
    Address: Oxnard, California
    Work description: Heating Service or Repair
    Date: 03/22/2017

  • "Got someone out right away to fix my broken heater during our recent cold weather "
    Customer: Casey
    Address: Oxnard, California
    Work description: Heating Service or Repair
    Date: 03/11/2017

  • "Theycame on time, went right to work, checked everything out, reminded me about my old air conditioner but said it was working OK. Cleaned up and were gone. Thank you."
    Customer: Wanda
    Address: Oxnard, California
    Employee: Kyle M.
    Work description: Heating Maintenance & Safety Inspection
    Date: 02/07/2017

  • "I already sent a great comment covering all three service calls I received and the three service reps who all did a fine job. "
    Customer: Judith
    Address: Oxnard, California
    Work description: Agreement Visit Maintenance 2016
    Date: 01/24/2017

  • "great company with exceptional employees"
    Customer: Terry & Debra
    Address: Oxnard, California
    Work description: Agreement Visit Maintenance 2016
    Date: 01/16/2017

  • "All three service providers were prompt, polite, and efficient. Appreciated the phone calls regarding service time and enroute notifications. I will call again. Also an inquiry on whether or not the company is certified or has experience with any of the home warranty services. I missed the fact that I should have notified my company to request that and let them do the appointment setting so I lost out on any benefits for which I paid to Fidelity National. . "
    Customer: Judith
    Address: Oxnard, California
    Work description: Heating Maintenance & Safety Inspection
    Date: 01/13/2017

  • "Our service rep was Jorge..Right on time and very knowledgeable and professional. "
    Customer: Terry & Debra
    Address: Oxnard, California
    Employee: Jorge L.
    Work description: Heating Maintenance & Safety Inspection
    Date: 01/12/2017

  • "Your man was excellent and explains everything as he was working. Thank you again for everything. Gloria"
    Customer: Gloria
    Address: Oxnard, California
    Work description: Heating Maintenance & Safety Inspection
    Date: 01/11/2017